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A review by monnical written on Dec 16, 2009
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I ordered three under bed shoe storage kits on November 30. The next day, I received a notice that the item was on back order until 12/15. A few days later, I located a suitable solution elsewhere and decided to cancel the back order, which is where the problem started.  
Brylane does not provide a method for canceling an order online even if the order was placed online. On December 7 I emailed them twice requesting my back order be canceled. When I looked at the order status a few hours later, the status had magically changed to "in process". I called numerous times during the week of December 7 to request this order be canceled and their excuse each time was "we can't". Excellent customer service, no?  
Finally, on the evening of Thursday, December 10 I spoke to someone who claimed he would forward the cancellation request to the warehouse. He stated that if I checked back on Tuesday, December 15 (the original date given for the back order) my account should show the item as canceled.  
Surprise, surprise. It wasn't canceled, but shipped anyway. As far as I'm concerned, they purposely changed my status from "back order" to "in process, no cancellation" when I attempted to cancel. And exactly why does it take 10 days "in process" to ship a package? I shop with many online retailers and have never seen anything like it.  
Needless to say, when the items arrive, I'll be returning them. I'm bitter that I'll have to pay for shipping & return of items I tried to cancel. They've lost me as a customer & I'll tell everyone I know not to buy from them.

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