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A review by qofspades written on Dec 16, 2008
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I ordered a kimono costume through Celebrate Express for my 7 year old daughter for Halloween this year. It came in a timely fashion, and looked good when we took it out of the package, but when we tried it on to make sure it fit, the fabric immediately tore several inches as I GENTLY tugged it down to straighten it. As it was only a week until Halloween, I felt I didn't have time to return it and get her a new one; I decided to just hand-sew it and contact them for a partial refund. They agreed to this. My daughter then wore the costume to a party the next night. Over the course of the evening, the kimono ripped in at least three or four new places -- the sleeve almost ripped right off! She was not playing roughly, nor was the costume too tight. I contacted the company again to say I wanted a full refund -- she wouldn't even be able to wear the costume for Halloween! They hemmed and hawed and told me to send it back. I did, but received only a partial refund. I am not a complainer and have never written a review like this before, but I want everyone to know that CELEBRATE EXPRESS IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED!!!!!

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