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A review by louisjosephtri written on Jul 13, 2009
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I am not what you would call a Bath and Body works devotee, but what I do like from their store, I really like.  I prefer to shop online but sometimes I end up in their store.  (They often feature items cheaper in stores than on their website to lure you there, and I find this works on me, ha.)  Overall, it is always a pleasant experience. 

I have been to multiple Bath and Body Works stores and I have always found the staff to be friendly and professional.  I do prefer to be left alone when I shop and for the most part, they do that after asking if they can help.  They are generally attentive. 

The store is well-kept and items are neatly arranged.  I love that you can try on as many lotions and perfumes as you wish before you buy them, and that they always seem to have at least one good discount or sale.  I like that they provide sinks for testing their products. 

It's difficult to find any downside to this store, except that I don't like very many of their items (which is a matter of personal preference) and that I find their items to be a bit pricey at times, at least for those of us on a tighter (college student) budget.  This is why I prefer their excellent sales.  Also, there are a few of their lines which are available but no longer carried in stores.  If I am going to make a trip there, I would like to have the convenience of having every one of their items there. 

Bath and Body Works is a fun place to go if you want to walk out smelling pretty, and their general formula is good. 

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