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A review by lauramac1 written on Oct 22, 2011
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I use at least 50 times a year.  I purchase everything from food to tools and am happy to be able to find most things at one website.  I won't suggest that I've never had a "less than perfect" experience, but when I have, they generally make it right very quickly.  I love the fact that I can see all shipping costs up front, so I can make an educated decision on my purchases. 

I am extremely pleased with the timeliness of shipments and the prices I pay for the items.  Having said that, I feel it is my responsibility to do the homework and be certain I'm not paying too much for something.  Therefore, I take issue with others complaining about the prices.  If the price isn't right, keep looking - don't buy it from that seller.  If you purchase it, you are agreeing to pay that price.

I usually try to purchase directly from Amazon, because I can get free shipping, but I have had good experiences (and even free shipping) with other sellers on Amazon as well.  Even when an item was delivered incomplete or broken, the sellers have worked it out to my satisfaction. 

I don't expect every order I get to be delivered in perfect condition or complete every time.  Perfection in any business is just not possible.  My five star review is based on the fact that they make it right in the end.

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