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A review by ceroley written on May 17, 2011
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They baited and switched on 05/13/2011 by advertising on their website  "FREE" shipping on orders over $100.00 (as they had for years), and then they charged me $6.95 shipping for an order totalling $101.97. I e-mailed, faxed, and called to have the shipping charge removed (believing it to be erroneous), so my shipping would be free as promised on the site at the time of my order. When I finally got a call back from telephone # 718-423-7555 MANY hours later in response to the fax I sent I was told the free shipping code is no longer valid even though the language still appears on the 1st Perfume website. When the representative "Lamia" told me she could NOT refund the $6.95 shipping charge for this reason, I instructed her to CANCEL my order. She then told me I would have to call back the next day because their system does not allow them to see internet orders until the day after they are placed (contrary to the same-day shipping for most orders language also on their website). I instructed her to take my order number and to make certain the order was cancelled because I would probably never be able to reach anyone at 1st Perfume the following day (or ever again for that matter.) 

Today, 05/17/2011, my order shipped, and NO shipping charge refund has been applied to my credit card. By some miracle I was able to reach "Maria" at 212-628-9258. She instructed me "send back" the order when received for a full refund including my $6.95 shipping charge. I told her I would be refusing delivery, and she needs to note my account as to the reason why. She instructed me to include a note in the package. I told her I will NOT include a note because if I open the package UPS will not take it back as REFUSED, and I would then have to pay to send it back. I have started a charge back with my credit card company!

For those considering purchasing from 1st Perfume:

They almost NEVER answer their customer service telephone # 212-628-9258 even during business hours. The number either rings with NO answer or the line remains busy FOR HOURS. (The telephone # is NOT listed anywhere on the website.) Also, the voicemail/answering machine does NOT accept messages. AND, they have NEVER responded to any of three or four e-mails total I have sent about this and past orders.

They do NOT honor the free shipping language on their website!



I received an e-mail last evening indicating my order has been cancelled, and "no further charges will be applied to [my] credit card." However, there is NO mention of my being refunded the $108.92 that was charged to credit card on 05/13/2011. Also, the UPS website shows the order in fact departed the NJ UPS hub today. Apparently, I was provided misinformation AGAIN!

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