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Swanson Health Products Maximum Human Performance Dark Matter Blue Raspberry 3.22 lbs Pwdr
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Swanson Health Products
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Dark Matter Blue Raspberry 3.22 lbs Pwdr - Dark Matter from Maximum Human Performance is an ultimate post-workout muscle growth accelerator. It absorbs faster than whey isolate, and is naturally and artificially blue raspberry flavored. The biggest opportunity to stimulate muscle growth is immediately after your workout. Dark Matter employs new technology and compounds that allow for super fast nutrient uptake, leading to enhanced muscle growth and speed recovery. ProSYNTHAGEN (TM): Increases protein synthesis faster than whey, resulting in greater muscle-building effects. HydroSIZE(TM): Multi-phase creatine transport & cell volumizing matrix. This complex provides an optimal amount of creatine in the form of Creatine Pyruvate and Creatine Gluconate.

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