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Tupperware Deviled Egg Eggs Trays Review

Pros Lifetime warranty, sturdy, convenient way to store or transport deviled eggs.
Cons Initial upfront cost, but are guaranteed to last a lifetime under normal household use
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Recommended for easy storage and serving of deviled eggs. You may want to watch for sales and discounts, although Tupperware is worth more because of lifetime guarantee.
Tupperware Deviled Egg Eggs Trays were originally sold as part of the Tupperware Deviled Egg Taker Keeper which came with a base, two trays and a sheer seal. I have had one for many years, and use it often for deviled eggs, pickled eggs, jello eggs, Easter eggs, and more. Although I have never tried it, I have been told that these also work as molds for melted chocolates. This listing is not for the entire container, but for a set of three replacement trays only.

Although they have come in a variety of other colors over the years, these trays are a bright red in color. Each tray measures approximately 9 inches long by 4 inches wide. They are made of sturdy plastic that is virtually unbreakable. Each of the three trays holds 8 eggs, for a total of 2 dozen eggs. In addition to the keeper mentioned above, these also work well with the 9 inch by 12 inch Tupperware Cold Cut Keeper which nicely holds all three trays for easy and convenient refrigerator storage, serving, or for taking along on your next cookout.

Each tray holds two rows of four eggs diagonally, for a total of eight eggs each. The ends of the trays are notched for easy removal from whichever storage container you choose to use them with. Even if you choose to use these without one of the other Tupperware containers, they work well to serve 8 deviled eggs each, and can be placed on your table individually, perhaps spacing them so that a tray is within reach of all those seated at your table.

Like most Tupperware Products, these Tupperware Deviled Egg Trays are guaranteed against chipping, peeling, cracking or breaking under normal household conditions for the lifetime of the product. This means that if they are accidentally damaged with normal use, they can be replaced free of charge.

These are easy to clean in hot soapy water, but are also top shelf dishwasher safe. They are an attractive addition to your table, or to your picnic supplies. Even after several years of use, mine are still in great shape, and I expect to get many more years of use from them.

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