Sony Handycam HDR-UX1 Camcorder - Silver (US region)
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Sony Handycam HDR-UX1 Camcorder - Silver (US region)

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  • Media Format: DVD DVD-RW (8 cm) DVD+RW (8cm) DVD-R (8cm)
  • Recording System: NTSC
  • Resolution: 2.1 MP
  • Digital Zoom: 80x
  • Type: Standard
  • Optical Zoom: 10x
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Sony UX1 is a great camcorder

Pros hd quality , wonderful value/ clarity compared to older mini dv for the money
Cons dvd compression and lack of easy editing
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  try one out first in person!!!! I was just as disappointed in one as I was impressed with another.
Look I am not the most technology minded person in the world but I will sum up everything with the following sentences. Basically the Sony HDR- UX1,HDR- SR1 the Sony HC3 are basically the same camcorder with different recording techniques and slightly different lens with same recording ccd. All three in my mind are great assuming you get to try out the cam first. Here are my experiences. With the UX1: The first one I tried opened box I liked but was not impressed. I tried out a Sony sr1 and was also not impressed although very expensive. both had jumpiness in recording and slightly off in focus. Then I went to CC and got a perfectly focussed UX1 and all I can say is wow. This makes most of hc40 and under mini dv camcorder models from Sony a year or two back look bad and I thought they were rather good beforehand. I swear I wish I can say more but in sd quality I am impressed. The lens is fantastic... getting your video permenantly stored on dvd is a plus so when blue ray players become less expensive its easy to use. Sd mode is very good too. I just think for the money I paid (450dollars) down from $700 dollars a few months ago, its a terrific bargain but I most definitely suggest you get to try one out first because its almost impossible to believe Sony is selling this at this price new. If it focusses great you have a great camcorder. This lens is underrated and I am floored this is not looked into more and taken into consideration compared to other camcorders by people who rate these things. Everyone talks about compression and I have to admit when you start panning it starts jumping but when your still and even if you zoom if you keep it steady its all good. The clarity is wonderful. Low light is good, and still quality shots are good not great. Not sure if its as good as the Canon hv20 (probably not) or whatever but its great for a cheap camcorder. So buy cheap and try it out!!!!! and you can't go wrong. I love this better then the hc3 without the manual lens although this and the SR1 and hc3 all have the same chipset and ability to record same level of action minus the compression . The hc3 is good because it lacks that, but this is slightly better even with the compression and its because of the lens .. thats just my opinion. The addition of manul lens makes focussing a breeze. The UX1 in my eye had slightly better indoor video then the noise in the HC3. But the Hc3 is great camcorder as are the other two.
Its amazing what $400 will buy these days on ebay but If you can try it out fist I recommend you do so. I do hope they make better dvd media with longer recording times. I hate finalizing this but heck when your paying so little for this quality its well worth the extra effort

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