MGA Entertainment Lalaloopsy Exclusive 3 Inch Mini Figure with Accessories Candy Broomsticks
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MGA Entertainment Lalaloopsy Exclusive 3 Inch Mini Figure with Accessories Candy Broomsticks

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Lalaloopsy Candy Broomsticks: The Scariest Mini Lalaloopsy!

Pros Cute, lots of accessories
Cons Might be hard to find
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Candy Broomsticks is a nice addition to your mini Lalaloopsy collection. 
My oldest daughter likes Lalaloopsy dolls.  So far, we have collected a couple of the big dolls, and we have a couple of others stashed away for the holidays. 

Lalaloopsy dolls are like rag dolls, but they are made out of plastic.  They have "button" eyes, and it looks like they have embroidered features.  In addition to the large dolls, they also have mini dolls and playsets for the mini dolls. 

For the most part, the mini dolls are miniature versions of the large dolls, but they do have some mini dolls exclusives.

Candy Broomsticks is one of these exclusives.  She is only available in miniature form, and ostensibly, she is only available at Target.

I was very pleased when I found Candy.  After hearing about her online, I had been looking for her, but she had remained elusive.  Finally, I was trolling the clearance food endcap at Target (discount snacks are the best snacks), and there she was- sitting amongst the clearance food. 

Note: Candy Broomsticks is not edible. 

Candy Broomsticks is a little witch doll.   She is three inches tall, and she is made of hard plastic.  She is "wearing" a pretty purple jumper with orange pettiskirt over a black and white striped shirt.  She has orange knee socks and black and white boots.  Her orange hair is in pigtails and she has a little purple witch's hat perched on top of her head.  

Unlike the larger Lalaloopsy dolls, Candy's clothes are not removable.  She's stuck with that outfit!

Candy is unable to stand unsupported, but she can sit down.  Candy's legs and head jiggle when you shake her.  Candy's arms don't really move.  They seem to be permanently pointing down. 

Candy comes with a couple of accessories.  The first accessory is a cat.  Each Lalaloopsy, big and small, comes with a pet.  This has to do with the pet being a symbol of their character, so naturally, the little witch doll has a cat for a pet.  Candy also comes with a cauldron, a ladle, and a book of spells.  The lid of the cauldron can be removed, but the book cannot be opened.  Candy is unable to hold things in her hands. 

Candy was our first mini Lalaloopsy.  My daughter became quite enchanted with her almost immediately, and installed her in the Calico Critters house, along with the Calico Critters and the McDonald's Smurfs.  My daughter does have some trouble putting the lid back on the pot, and needs my help. 

I do want to note that the accessories are on the small side.  These are definitely choking hazards, and should be kept away from small children.  We happen to have two such small children in the house, and I make sure that Candy stays in my older daughter's room, which is off-limits to the little sisters. 

As I have mentioned, Candy Broomsticks is a Target exclusive.  You might find her at your local Target in the toy section (or the clearance food), but I have also seen her in the Amazon Marketplace and on Ebay.  I think that without a sale, the mini Lalaloopsies tend to run about $7, so look for that range. 

Candy Broomsticks is a witch, but if you don't acknowledge witches in your household, there are a wide variety of other mini Lalaloopsy dolls available.  None of the others are witches, and you should be able to find one to suit your family's needs. 

I highly recommend Candy Broomsticks.  She is helping my daughter get into the Halloween spirit, and she will surely be a fixture in the dollhouse long after October ends. 

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