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Hudson River School Art Trail - Follow America's First Great Landscape Painters

Mar 8, 2013
47 Helpfuls

The Hudson River School Art Trail is one of the more unique trails in the Hudson Valley and the Catskill Mountains.  The Trail provides the chance to walk in the footsteps of the 19th century artists who pioneered American landscape painting and created the Hudson River...

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Colonnade Inn is a decent place to stay in Lyndonville, Vermont

Feb 11, 2013
35 Helpfuls

The Colonnade Inn is located in Lyndonville, Vermont and is one of the lower priced places to stay in the area.  The hotel does not offer many amenities, but does the basics well enough that I have stayed here a few times on my visits to the Lyndonville area.   I do not think you...

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Good Warm Weather Hiking Water Bottle - Coleman 32-Ounce Aluminum Water Bottle

Jan 8, 2013
46 Helpfuls

While I have plenty of the old plastic Nalgene bottles in my hiking gear chest, but I do have a couple of aluminum bottles that I have received as gifts over the years. One of those is the 32-ounce Aluminum Bottle from Coleman.  This bottle holds the same amount of a beverage (or any other...

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Good Motel Choice for Staying in Old Forge, NY - 19th Green Motel

Dec 22, 2012
32 Helpfuls

The 19th Green Motel is located in the village of Old Forge in the western Adirondack Mountains of New York State.  The hotel is located a bit of out the "downtown area," but it has nice rooms, reasonable rates and...

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Nalgene Wide Mouth Loop Top Lid - Replacement for broken lids

Nov 24, 2012
37 Helpfuls

While it has not happened very frequently, over the years, I have managed to bust a couple of the loop top lids that go on top of my wide-mouth Nalgene bottles.  For me, it has been the loop strap itself and not the cap that breaks.  When that loop strap breaks, your lid is no longer...

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Catskill Park's Willowemoc Wild Forest - The quiet Catskills with ponds and family-friendly hikes

Nov 21, 2012
38 Helpfuls

If you are looking for an area in the Catskill Park where the mountains are not quite so high, there’s small ponds nestled away in the backcountry and the trails are not quite as difficult in other areas of the Park, the Willowemoc Wild Forest might be just what you are looking for. ...

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Mountain Top Historical Society, Haines Falls, NY - Explore History of the Catskill Mountains

Nov 1, 2012
43 Helpfuls

The Mountain Top Historical Society is located in the village of Haines Falls in the Catskill Mountains.  The Historical Society helps to preserve the rich history of the Catskill Mountains High Peaks region.  This area was home to railroads and grand hotels during the 19thcentury and was...

Asolo Fugitive Gtx Boots for Men

Great boots for day hikes - Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots

Oct 13, 2012
32 Helpfuls

While I was sad to see my old LL Bean boots finally reach the end of their hiking life, I am glad that I came across the Asolo Fugitive GTX Hiking Boots.  They are light, easy to break in, comfortable to wear and are tough enough to handle anything you would throw at them on a day hike or an...

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Beautiful Lake, Waterfalls and Miles of Hiking Trails - Huyck Preserve, RensselaervilleNY

Aug 31, 2012
39 Helpfuls

If you are in the Capital District region of New York, a visit to the Huyck Preserve in Rensselaerville is well worth a few hours of your time if you like to hike or want to check out a beautiful waterfall.  There are several miles of hiking trails, along with two lakes and a stream with a...

Keurig KE00732 K-cups Coffee People Donut Shop 18-Count

Donut Shop Coffee is good coffee for the Keurig Coffeemaker

Aug 1, 2012
27 Helpfuls

Donut Shop Coffee for the Keurig System is billed as an extra bold, medium roast coffee.  I like the coffee, but honestly think it’s more of a mild blend, especially when compared to other bold coffees that are available for the Keurig.  I drink the Donut Shop Coffee as a morning...

Garmin Forerunner 405 Green with Heart Rate Monitor GPS Watch

The Garmin Forerunner 405 has revolutionized my monitoring and training for hikes

Aug 1, 2012
33 Helpfuls

I have been looking for an easy way to log hiking distances and watch my heart rate.  I have tried heart rate monitors and hand held GPS units in the past, but I really was looking for one simple device that would take care of my needs.  That is where the Garmin Forerunner 405 comes...

Otterbox Commuter Series Hybrid Case for iPhone 4/4S

Great case to protect your iPhone - Otterbox Commuter Series Hybrid Case

Jul 19, 2012
33 Helpfuls

Everyone wants to keep their iPhone safe and that’s where the Hybrid Commuter Case from Otterbox comes in handy.  This case is a mix of soft and hard protection that covers your iPhone while not making it so bulky that it becomes hard or uncomfortable to carry.

I received the...

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Regenerating a last stand - Medfield Rhododendrons Park

Jul 10, 2012
41 Helpfuls

The Medfield Rhododendrons Reservation is a small park in Medfield, Massachusetts that is home to a stand of Rosebay Rhododendrons, which are rare in Massachusetts.  The park has a short trail down to the stand and during summer months, you can see the rhododendrons in bloom.


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Scare the pants off some bears - an outdoor perspective on the iSafe Backpack

May 27, 2012
37 Helpfuls

While it was not really designed for hiking, the iSafe Backpack has been marketed to the outdoor public and I was asked to take a look at the backpack and consider it for outdoor use.   At the very least, I thought it was an interesting concept when I started.

Even though the...

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Covered Bridge Capital of Vermont - Lyndon, Vermont

May 18, 2012
36 Helpfuls

The Town of Lyndon is located in the Northeast Kingdom region of Vermont and is home to Lyndon State College and Lyndon Institute.  Beyond the schools, Lyndon offers covered bridges, beautiful vistas and the village...

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Protect your iPhone while hiking but still listen to music - Pelican i1015 Case

May 7, 2012
22 Helpfuls

Like to take your iPhone into the woods but afraid it might get wet or damaged?

With the i1015 Case from Pelican, you can have your phone and not worry about any damage.  The i1015 is a water-resistant, crushproof and dustproof case that protects your phone while letting you still...

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Very comfortable hiking socks - Dahlgren Alpaca Light Hiking Socks

Apr 6, 2012
30 Helpfuls

It is rare that I find a pair of socks that I really like to wear for hiking, however when I first put on the Dahlgren Alpaca Men's Light Hiking Socks, I knew I had found a special pair of socks.  They feel amazing, fit comfortably and even if they get damp, still work well as a hiking...

Apple iPod nano 6th Generation Silver (8 GB)

Great iPod for the Gym - Apple's 8-Gigabyte iPod Nano

Mar 17, 2012
32 Helpfuls

Even though I was not planning on having a new iPod Nano, I am glad that fate intervened and allowed us to upgrade.  The 6th generation iPod Nano offers 8 gigabytes of storage space, is easy to clip anywhere and offers more features than the older Nano that we were using.  All in all,...

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Have a cold gallon of water handy - Coleman 1-Gallon Insulated Jug

Mar 11, 2012
31 Helpfuls

Do you like to have plenty of cold water with you?  The Coleman One Gallon Insulated Jug is a good choice for yourself or a small group that wants to keep water, juice or something else cold while they are car camping or taking part in other outdoor activities.

I use my jug when I am...

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Nice utensils for the Jetboil Backcountry Cooking System

Feb 20, 2012
43 Helpfuls

Over the last few years I have found myself using my Jetboil backpacking stove more often on my backcountry trips.  The stove is easy to use, quick to cook and simple to clean up, all of which have made it my go to...

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