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Sony's Answer to the Kindle

Feb 1, 2010
8 Helpfuls

Years ago I was seeking an alternative to paper books.  I tend to read 3-4 books at a time, and it begins to weigh a bit on a bag carrying them all around.  A few years ago Sony released the first Mainstream E-Ink Ebook Reader.  It was nice and portable, the screen pages looked...

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Ipod for books?

Dec 31, 2006
15 Helpfuls

I love reading books of all types. In fact, I tend to read 2-3 books at any given time. I'll read sales related books, spiritual books, and a good fiction book going between a few books at a time by mood.

Years ago when I got my first Palm Pilot, I had downloaded some books into it, but...

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Good enough for the pros, good enough for me

Mar 25, 2006
19 Helpfuls

After doing much research on headphones, even purchasing similar brands, I headed out to my local Sam Ash Music store and purchased these headphones to enjoy my music from my Ipod, computer, and Home Theatre System while at home reclined back relaxing.

The unfortunate thing about going...

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60 Gig 5th Generation Black iPOD Video great upgrade from older Generations

Jan 22, 2006
14 Helpfuls

I had previously owned the 3rd Generation older black and white 20 Gig iPOD for a little more than 2 years. I have loved the invention of hard drive based players, and have never looked back. It held my entire music collection and met my music needs until about 6 months ago. I had my music...

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Wow! This is a G-Shock?

Jun 15, 2005
18 Helpfuls

I'll begin this review by saying I was always a HUGE fan of Casio watches. I started off when I was 12 years old with one of the first Databank watches from Casio. It was great, had a calculator, took 50 phone numbers, a bunch of alarms, stopwatch, timer, etc....I had that watch until I was 19...

Sony PSP 3000 Piano Black Handheld System

Currently the best portable gaming device on the market!

Apr 3, 2005
17 Helpfuls

I purchased the Sony PSP (Playstation Portable) on Saturday, March 26. I always liked portable gaming devices, but never found myself satisfied for too long with what became available. I got one of the first Gameboys that came out years ago, last year I purchased a Gameboy Advanced and returned it...

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Maximum sound for the dollar

Mar 12, 2005
10 Helpfuls

I currently own a 2000 Nissan Maxima. I don't have the Bose system, just the standard car radio. I have aftermarket Infinity 6.5 Speakers in the front and back. It always sounded good, but my problem was I was looking for a setup for a JVC Plug and Play Sirius Tuner, and my Ipod, and I wanted the...

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Great for anyone that finds AM and FM isn't enough

Mar 12, 2005
15 Helpfuls

I used to have a Pioneer with XM radio. I always thought Satellite radio sound quality was great, and I enjoy the fact that it is uncencored and not regulated. However, I didn't find myself listening to it as often as I thought I would. I found the content lacking greatly. then Howard Stern...

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Finally a full color full screen great battery life unit!!!

Apr 3, 2004
13 Helpfuls

Ok, first of all, I change my PDA's regularly as newer features and units get released, so what seems to be the perfect PDA for me now, may become old news to me quicker than others.

I have owned Pocket PC's in the past, and as beautiful as the screen and graphics are, and the...

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IPOD 20 GIG Room for all my CD's plus much more future CD's

Mar 14, 2004
2 Helpfuls

Before I begin, I must say, I am a complete geek when it comes to my technology purchases. It must be one of the best available, I must get it at a lower price then retail, and it must be able to meet AND exceed my needs, meaning I need it to have some features I think I'll use eventually....even...


i730 is a Great Phone for the Professional

Mar 14, 2004
12 Helpfuls

I go through phones like some go through water. New phones develop all the time and the phones I purchase seem like the perfect phones at the time until the next best things come along. The perfect phone to me would have bluetooth or wifi, speaker, full color, clamshell design and extremely...

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Finally, the perfect PDA for me

Aug 13, 2003
12 Helpfuls

This review is more for people familiar with Clies and more of a detailed comparison to previous NX models, I do get as detailed as I can.

I am very happy with the features this unit packs in to such a small device!

First let me tell you about the body of the NX80. It is shorter...

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Great Unit!!!!!

Jan 4, 2003
15 Helpfuls

Let me start by saying if you NEED SDIO expansion for Mobile Internet, Wi-FI, Bluetooth this is not for you. I personally do not use or need these features, so this unit is perfect for me.

I have been using a variety of Palm OS units for years, I have always wanted a Pocket PC, I even...


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