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Nokia Lumia 900-the Showstopper

Jan 12, 2012
2 Helpfuls

This year there would be shown lot of phones at Consumer electronics show(CES),But the one single window phone stole all the spotlights and that phone is from former phone giant Nokia.The phone is named as Nokia Lumia 900 and this one window phone steal the show from 15 other android phones which...

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Nokia Lumia 800-the game changer for nokia

Jan 11, 2012
10 Helpfuls

Finally nokia leaves the symbian plateform and now their smartphones are running on Windows.Now its time to get back its old market share which samsung and apple grabs from nokia.

Its time to give stiff competition to both android and IOS,and nokia try to do it by the NOKIA LUMIA...

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus-the best in Nexus series

Jan 10, 2012
11 Helpfuls

Finally the biggest move by google by implementing Android 4.0 i.e Ice cream sandwich in GALAXY NEXUS.
Will it be a game changer for google

GALAXY NEXUS is the phone which is developed by joint partnership of samsung and google.
galaxy is the product of samsung and nexus is from...

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Samsung Galaxy note-the leader in smartphones

Jan 9, 2012
11 Helpfuls

Its one of the finest gadgets available today

this is the phone which has edge over Apple Ipad and even too its Iphone 4s.This phone is completely the master of all smartphones.
With the larger 5.3 inch screen,it feels like you are using some tablet
the dual core 1.4 Ghz processor and...


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