Fisher-Price Imaginext Dragon World Fantasy Castle with Bonus Serpent and Dragon - P3787
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Fisher-Price Imaginext Dragon World Fantasy Castle with Bonus Serpent and Dragon - P3787

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This land is protected by a dragon! Imaginext Dragon World Fortress

Pros Lots of action, well made, many surprises!
Cons sound and light effects may be too much for some children
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  My son loves this and it is well made. But the sound effect may be too much for some kids.
For my son’s last birthday he received the Imaginext Serpent Pirate Ship. He also received the coordinating Fisher Price Imaginext Dragon World Fortress. These are part of the Imaginext dragon series.

Imaginext Dragon World Fortress
This fortress castle stands 2 feet tall, almost 15 inches wide and 6 inches wide. This is definitely not a girly fairy tale castle. It is more of an ominous castle with its dark colors of dark reds, browns and grays. There is a big green dragon perched out front to protect it.  It is battery operated for its sound and light features, but it still have lots of action that does not need batteries.

Both sides of the castle are usable. Looking at the front of the castle you will see the dragon along with the castle gates, guarded windows, and a spiraling path along the side. The path is actually the dragon’s tail. From behind the castle, the castle has 4 levels. There is a staircase at the bottom. There is a lever that will move the dragon. The serpent ship pirates better be careful where they are standing, because that dragon can swivel and grab the pirate!

There are round stations with footprints. Place a figure in one and turning the figure can prompt several actions. One will open the gate. There are plastic boulders. Place one in the appropriate spot at the top of the back of the castle. Turn a figure and the ball will go rolling down the path on the side. There are lots of surprises to be found in the castle!

One spot will activate the light and sound effects. As a warning, I must say that the sounds may be too much for some kids. Some parts of the castle will light up, and a door will open up displaying somewhat evil looking eyes. There is thunder and a screeching sound (maybe like the way the dragon might sound?) My son is 4, and sometimes thinks it’s cool. Sometimes he turns the effects off himself. I can see how a younger child or child’s young sibling may not like it.

The Dragon Castle comes with several figures, accessories and boulders to roll down the path. It also came with a bonus serpent

Our Experience with the Imaginext Dragon World Fortress
My son really loves this castle. We have had to drag it, along with the pirate ship and accessories, with us when visiting family. I think the workmanship of the toy is terrific – I can expect this to last us for a long time. The only problem I have is that there is a rear staircase that flips out. That sometimes comes out but can easily be put back in. There are a lot of action features to this castle that don’t require batteries – so much is all done by hand. Batteries are required for the light and sound effects, but even without the light and sound, the rest of the toys’features are still very appealing. Like the corresponding Serpent Pirate Ship, there was a lot of attention to detail that a child not even notice (or appreciate!).

The Imaginext toys really offer lots of imaginative play and my son loves to play with this castle. This castle is big – bigger than I had expected. But that was my fault for not checking out the size first. The castle is also on the expensive side. At around $50, this can be considered pricey for a plastic toy. The only reason I am knocking off a star is because of the sound effects. I truly believe a younger child may find the sounds frightening. I don’t remember if this had one of those “Try Me” features for the sound, but I would suggest looking for that at the store before buying it to make sure all family members will be comfortable with the effects. Plus there is always the option to not put in batteries.

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