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My New Laptop

Pros Nice keyboard, good battery, compact size was easy to move and store.
Cons Heated up and I had to let it cool off before continuing my work.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  I would recommend this product simply because it is easy to use, very portable (as laptops should be), and has great functionality (good battery, great keyboard, easy system, etc.).
I was so excited the other day when I received my first Asus Zenbook laptop in the mail. I really needed a new laptop as my old one was starting to considerably slow down in opening any files or internet and would frustrate me with anything that I tried to do on it. I like the Asus because it is compact and has a good battery that lasts for quite some time compared to my previous laptops. My old laptop always died on me and it seemed like I could charge it for hours and only get 30 minutes of life out of it. However, the Asus' battery lasts for quite some time and I have not had it die on me yet, even when I was on it for 4 hours. I can tell that hte large battery life will save me at some time in the future. My old laptop sure did ruin a lot of days with it's small battery life. I don't like that it heats up a bit though, even when I use it for short periods of time. It always gets warm and I have to let it cool off a bit before I can continue my work. Overall, a great laptop for anyone for any type of work. It runs fast, it is easy to type on and has a great keyboard, plus the compact size is easy to transport and store. I would recommend it to all.

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