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A "Mac"-nificent Purchase.

Pros Very clean and easy to use.
Cons Missing quality mouse and MS paint.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  This is a great computer with many extras that everyone can enjoy.
I have never been a huge fan of Mac computers because like the rest of the world, I grew up with cheap run of the mill PCs and Mac's always seemed far too complicated and expensive. However, I got this computer with a very good "family friend" deal so I decided to give it a whirl. This computer at first seemed like I was starring in the abyss since the monitor took up what felt like half of the room. I felt like a little kid again, making a discovery of something new and exciting. Once I started to play with the Snow Leopard Operating System and got used to how the dock works I started to enjoy my computer. I can edit movies and song like its child's play on my Mac which is very convenient since before on a PC it took several hours. This is a great computer with many extras that everyone can enjoy. There are a couple of things with the computer that I wish were different. First is the cheap mouse that it comes with. The top track ball stopped working after about 3 weeks making scrolling on a 27" screen a monumental task. Also it has no features like Microsoft's Paint which sounds dorky but comes in handy sometimes. Other than that this computer is immaculate.

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