Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation (8 GB) (MB528LL/A)
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Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation (8 GB) (MB528LL/A)

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  • Video Supported Formats: MPEG-4 H.264 M4V Mov MP4 H.264 VGA
  • Battery Run Time: Up to 36 Hours
  • Audio Supported Formats: Protected AAC Audible WAV AAC AIFF MP3 VBR MP3
  • Storage Capacity: 8 GB
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Apple iPod Touch 2nd Generation (8 GB)

Pros Durability, speed, performance, lightweight, extensive features, long battery use, clarity, and a stylish design
Cons Overpriced at the time and it freezes and/or crashes once in a blue moon
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  I would recommend any Apple products - from iPods, to Macs, to the iPhone. They're all enjoyable and easy to use for all ages.
I believe I received the 2nd Generation iPod Touch on December 25, 2008 for Christmas from my parents. To be honest, I was completely obsessed with taking my iPod Touch with me anywhere and EVERYWHERE. I would always look up apps or check my email, or just mindlessly listen to music and watch videos. Of course, to my disappointment, the iPod Touch 3rd Generation and iPod Touch 4th Generation soon followed.

Nonetheless, I still love my 2nd Generation iPod Touch and I don't plan on purchasing any new iPod Touch versions unless Apple creates something totally new and unexpected. I could care less if I can take pictures with an MP3 Player - that's what I have a cell phone for! Anyways, the little bits and details Apple continues to add on are pleasing, yes, but I will always treasure the time when I had the next best thing.

Quite overpriced at the time though, but I overlooked that in the heat of the moment. Also, 8 GB is plenty when I just want to listen to some music or play numerous games. I don't need to waste money on some 64 GB iPod Touch when I would never use nearly 1/4 of the space. 

Price: Although it's pretty expensive, I would have to admit... it's worth it. There's no additional fees so once you purchase the iPod Touch, you're all set. Don't think you're off the hook though. You're encouraged to buy everything through iTunes and they charge for each item (unless it's stated as "free"). You won't be billed through anything except your iTunes account if you would like to enhance your iPod experience with some tunes or a little entertainment.

Uploading: Uploading and downloading files onto my 2nd Generation 8 GB iPod Touch requires no skill and provides many options. iTunes allows you to see how much space you use with audio files (i.e. mp3/mp4 files), pictures, apps (ex: games) and free space. All that's there to do is the click of a button and you begin to transfer files within seconds to minutes, depending on the bulk size.

Battery: The battery life is quite extraordinary for such a little gadget. On a single charge, it can last for: 3+ hours worth of music, or 1.5+ hours of video, or roughly over an hour of Internet browsing. Of course, that's if the iPod Touch were to never be shut off during this time. I tend to just hit the On/Off button once and it makes the iPod Touch "sleep". With another single push to the On/Off button, it wakes the iPod Touch up with the lockscreen "slide to unlock" function appear. Making the iPod Touch go to sleep, rather than turning it completely on and off all th time, is a real battery saver. My battery life instantly improved and when you're always on the go, that's a plus.

Sound: Pretty darn good if you ask me. Although, the bass could be a little better. Besides that, the audio comes in beautifully and clearly. What more could you ask for?

Picture: Crystal clear, unless images are a little undersized or oversized. The final product will look distorted or pixelated if it doesn't suit the iPod's frame. Pictures are easily viewable and videos are just as good.

Loading: This section is probably my only complaint. The iPod Touch is a pain to load if you've owned it for several months. The Internet will sometimes be laggy, crash, or not even load at all. Pictures are a breeze, whereas videos (especially on YouTube) can take several minutes to fully buffer. Downloading new apps through the iTunes Store on the iPod Touch are a step up, but can take endless hours if the file size is large. It's all a matter of your Internet speed to begin with.

Ease of use: I feel as though anyone ages 8+ can quickly learn to operate the 2nd Generation iPod Touch. There's not much to it - pushing buttons and sliding your finger across the screen is as easy as it gets. It takes a little getting used to if you're new to this sort of technology, but it'll eventually become second nature. You'll begin to feel as though you know your iPod like the back of your hand!

Durability: Now, I've had my fair share of dropping fragile items, but the iPod Touch 2nd Generation can take nearly all falls. Not saying that it's invincible; it's just tough against the occasional tumble. It won't easily crack, but it'll scratch if you don't take good care of it or don't use any protection casings. Also, the screen will remain clear as long as you don't let yourself or others have sticky fingers. Fingerprints will appear right away without any additional protection screens. I also don't recommend leaving your iPod Touch out where the heat/cold can easily ruin it, simply because it can potentially alter the iPod's appearance and/or performance.

Portability: The iPod Touch will easily slip into your pocket, fit in your purse/bag, and is very lightweight. Do not try to force the iPod Touch if it doesn't fit though - I assure you, it's not pliable. With its convenient size, you hardly notice it's there and it will never be in the way.

Might I add, this was the very first iPod/MP3 Player I've ever owned. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the Pod Touch 2nd Generation (8 GB) an 8.5.

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