Apple iPod classic 7th Generation Silver (160 GB) (Latest Model)
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Apple iPod classic 7th Generation Silver (160 GB) (Latest Model)

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  • Video Supported Formats: MPEG-4 H.264 M4V Mov MP4
  • Battery Run Time: Up to 36 Hours
  • Audio Supported Formats: Apple Lossless Audible WAV AAC AIFF MP3 VBR MP3
  • Storage Capacity: 160 GB
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I'm going to be honest...

Pros lots of memory for videos and music, 1 year guranteed warranty, good battery, okay sound
Cons bulky and heavy, breaks easily, lags
Recommended it? No
The Bottom Line:  Just make sure to be careful with it. Don't drop it! 
I'm not a huge fan of this Ipod. I've had a mini, the classic, the video, and the touch. 

Usage: As for the usage, it's just like any other Ipod. You scroll through lists with the circular touch-sensitive scroller. It's not difficult to figure out if you're new to the Ipod world. The screen is also like other Ipods. It's simple and pretty nice. 

Pros: The good thing is that it has so much memory for those music junkies. You can also put videos and other larger files on it. It also has a plain design for those who are more interested in a conservative look. It has a one year warranty along with all other Ipods. 

Cons: It's heavy and a bit large especially for my small hands. I also knew that because of the weight, if I were to drop it, it would break right away. As an Ipod owner, you should avoid dropping your ipod at all times but accidents happen. I was walking around with this outside and I had a plastic case on it to prevent it from scratches. I accidentally dropped it about 4 ft. from my hands to the cement. I didn't throw it or anything but just the trama of the fall caused it to break completely. It stopped working and wouldn't even turn on afterwards. Note that it was a brand new Ipod too. In addition, since it has such a large memory, it's much slower. Just like with the video and ones that play videos and such, the screen lags a bit, which may bother some people. If that bothers you, I suggest getting the nano or some other one that has a smaller memory. Just like other Ipods, the back is silver and mirror-like, which can get scratches easily. Make sure to get a case if you don't want scratches. 

Warranty: After it broke, I contacted Apple right away and they sent me a box to send the Ipod in to get it repaired. Unfortunately, it was lost along the way and it never reached Apple, but that's not their fault. I'm at least satisfied with how fast Apple was to respond to my request to get it repaired. 

Sound: As for the sound, it was decent from what I remember. It wasn't amazing but it was pretty much like the rest of the Ipods (except for the Ipod touch. It has great sound).

Battery: The battery life was pretty impressive, but only when playing music. If you play videos or use apps, expect to get less battery life out of it. 

Compared to the other Ipods I've had in the past, this one is my least favorite. Of course, being an Apple product, it can't be too terrible. 

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