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Best e-Reader So Far

Pros Very light<br>Doesn't tire eyes<br>Easy to use <br>Good contrast
Cons Greyish-blue tint on screen<br>Tedious keyboard <br>Partially glare resistant screen
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  This is a highly desirable product for those who read or want to get hooked into reading geek-style. Overall a product that will make your friends want one too.
The Amazon Kindle has been hailed as the king of e-Readers ever since it got released in 2007. Naturally, the fouth-gen model is a big improvement on the first model but how good is it? Pros: It is a very convenient device for people who like to read a lot or who want to get into reading through the power of technology, it weighs much less than any typical book and is much easier to 'turn' pages than in a book. The contrast is very good for a device of this size and price and can be read even in bright light unlike a tablet or any other backlit screen. Cons: It hasn't really got any cons appart from having a very neutral or slightly blue hue on-screen in the dark; the screen is not enteirely the same colour as paper but is still a very realistic imitation of paper. Even though Amoazon say that it is an anti-glare screen, it does reflect some light when in bright sunlight or under a bright lamp.
  The operating system is very easy to use and the 5 main-buttons, 4 page control buttons and the 4-way pad are very intuitive to use and tie-in seamlessly when reading a book.
  The Kindle store is easily accessible through the MENU button on the base and a variety of other functions and settings can also be accesed from this menu drop-down. The kindle store is very easy to use with one click purchasing and a Try sample option too. The keyboard can be accesed by clicking the keyboard button on the base of the product, unfortunately typing can be a bit tedious on this device but then, when are you going to be typing more than four or five words.
  Overall a great e-Reader that looks the part, is comfortable to hold  and is worth the initial investment for sure.

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