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I'm obsessed with Vibrams. OBSESSED, I tell you!

Pros Comfortable, Good Quality, Great Design
Cons none
Recommended it? Yes
Good For: Casual Wear, Everyday Use, Working Out
My husband and I both own Vibrams--he has the KSO, I have the Classic. We are madly in love with both pairs. I have flat feet, a problem I've always tried to cure with arch supports. I've never been able to run without feeling like I was causing severe damage to myself. The Vibrams are the answer! They're sturdy enough to protect my feet from blisters and debris, while being thin enough to mimic a barefoot experience. My arches are growing stronger and my stride/step started correcting from the moment I started wearing them. 
My husband, on the other hand, has very high arches and a narrow toe base, largely from wearing incorrectly sized shoes as a kid. He's found his toes are actually spreading out as he wears the Vibrams, thus correcting his foot structure. He's also able to run and lift weights with a comfort he's never had before. 
I rave about our Vibrams to everyone who asks, and am sold on the concept of a "barefoot shoe" for life!

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