Uniden EXAI978i 900 MHz Single Line Cordless Phone
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Uniden EXAI978i 900 MHz Single Line Cordless Phone

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  • Lines: 1
  • Type: Cordless Phone
  • Features: Supports Caller ID Supports Call Waiting LCD Display Handset Locator Answering System
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Uniden, set me free!

Pros Calls are clear, microphone is good, solid range away from the base.
Cons Battery doesn't cut it, some features are out of date.
Recommended it? No
The Bottom Line:  Next time I'll upgrade to a multiple handset system and skip the answering machine.
Telephone users, be free! Untether yourselves from your earthly bonds by casting away the antique phone against your head and selecting one that has no cord running to the base! It's a concept who's time has come and you simply must get on the boat with this one. Come as I teach you the true meaning of Rocketdial and all the other super Uniden secrets!

OK, so maybe that's a bit over the top for technology that has been widely available for something like 20 years now but it felt so right I figured it couldn't be wrong. There are a great number or cordless phones on the market and if you don't select the right one you'll be just as grounded as if you had a corded phone...nothing is more frustrating than a bad cordless!

Just the facts...and features
This is the dull part where I list the bit of tech data that I know. If you scroll past this section I'll have no hard feelings!

This is a 900mhz cordless phone with a charging base that serves as an answering machine. Mounting the base on the wall is a cinch using the holes formed into the back or you can simply sit it on a table as I have and it's steady enough to avoid falling over.

You can program 10 numbers into the speed dial feature to call your friends with only two button presses.

There are two rings in the phone and two volumes for each for a total of four ring options.

The display on the handset has a 3 line caller ID that includes name, date, time, and phone number.

The speed dial feature on this phone is called Rocketdial and that is an appropriate name! Why? Because it's so simple to program that you can do it without even reading the instructions. Working with the display on the phone and the clearly labeled buttons will have you entering numbers if your speed dial correctly in under five minutes. If you can't remember who is where you can browse and they are even listed by name (you type in the name just like on a cell phone).

Can you hear me now?
Loud and clear: two words that describe drill instructors and the calls on this phone. I can go upstairs in the opposite side of my house and still hear just fine without static. I've never had the phone to drop a call because I strayed too far from the base.

Battery life
Oh man, the battery wilts like a ice cream cone in August! I've only had this phone around two years and already the battery is faulty. If I charge the phone all night I get about 20 minutes of talk time before it dies. If I leave it off the hook overnight it will be dead in the morning even if it goes unused. What a bummer!

Back in the good ol' days I'd get a solid two to three hours of talk time and could leave it laying on the coffee table for DAYS and it would still be ready to perform. This ol' soldier has about had it...and the replacement battery costs as much as a new phone!

Gettin' digi with it!
That's right, the answering machine is all digital. No tapes or other silly stuff to deal with, just record your greeting and go. That said, we live in the millennium: get voice mail and move on. Too much trouble to try to check messages on this system away from home so I simply stopped using the answering machine feature.

Ergonomics 101
We all do it. That's right, I cradle the phone between my ear and shoulder while I talk also. It makes my neck hurt and my ear turn red. Fact of the matter is, I use my Razr most of the time now so I can utilize bluetooth and not have my ear burning and my neck feel like I just insulted a Karate instructor.

Fitting the phone in my neck cradle is as comfortable with this phone as with any other because it's well sized and contoured. It's not Uniden's fault that I don't like that arrangment.

I probably would skip this phone next time I went shopping. With a battery that is weaker than Apollo Creed in Rocky 3, no capability to add more handsets to the system, and an answering machine that is as outdated as writing with sharp sticks on rocks it's just not what I'm looking for.

Isn't it a shame when an easy to read caller ID display and clear calls aren't enough? I'm so spoiled!

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