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MN. EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING : Trend Enterprises Modern Cursive Alphabet

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The Bottom Line:  the back of the chart includes helpful suggestions and ideas for using the chart
Trend Enterprises™  Modern Cursive Alphabet measuring a handy 17 X 22 inches is a fine resource for the middle grades, penmanship writing practice area.  Learning cursive script has always been a difficult task, one not easily mastered, and here in the USA one not often practiced well.  Today there is a good bit of chatter regarding whether cursive handwriting needs to be taught at all, after all this is the modern age, computers reign and soon there will be no need for any pencil, pen and paper activity.


While it is very true that a single, unified, standard, across the nation, set of script letters no longer exists, it did at one time, Noble and Noble was to be found placed above nearly every chalkboard from 3d grade and beyond across the continent, and then various and sundry ideas, practices and notables began decrying the -outdated- no need for lettering practice or teaching and today we have a plethora of handwriting penmanship texts available along with generations of poor penman busily, and often illegibly, scribbling job applications, shopping lists, notes to and from whomever.

During my brief two year stint teaching Fourth Grade I did teach penmanship to a group of 8 not too enthused future penmen.  The need for penmanship practice as not something the 8 enjoyed, looked forward too, really wanted to undertake, and while they were polite they did make their displeasure known.  UNTIL THE DAY, when one of the 8 received a handwritten note from a museum curator, and neither she nor the rest of the class could read the thing.  

I had told the class that across the board the US has people using some of the poorest lettering to be found, most adults have a signature that is a forger's dream.  Forgers seem to adore folk who produce an illegible scrawl and loathe those who produce straightforward, clearly decipherable lettering. Despite the thinking of many that -no one could ever reproduce MY signature ... scribble, scribble, scribble; Scrawls apparently are simple to reproduce, straight line lettering is not.  The class did not really believe me I fear and then came ---the letter- and even I with many years practice deciphering childish squiggle had to work at translation of hen scratch into readable text.

What a disappointment for a 10 year old to receive a letter following our class exercise of writing to various historical sites etc requesting information regarding a particular notable Okie, and not be able to read it at all.  In this case it was information regarding Will Rogers, the packet came along with the illegible letter and caused a complete turnaround of class thinking.

Penmanship practice became a time of concentration, concentration and dedication.  Those kids are now High School Sophomores, and I take pleasure in the fact that when one of them brings anything they have hand written it is text produced in clear, READABLE, lettering.

One of the many aids I used to guide their penmanship skills was charts featuring good cursive alphabets.  Not each student chose precisely the same alphabet to use as their signature lettering guide, and while I'm not sure that Noble and Noble would agree, perhaps a bit of variety using several READABLE scripts really is okay too.  

This particular alphabet is noted to be -modern- it is a clear readable script along the lines of the old Noble and Noble, however it does present a less slant appearance, the slant was always difficult to achieve to perfection, so that is plus.  Lettering has been simplified, initial stroke for capitals tends to be without squiggle or embellishment, I personally was never very good at reproducing Noble and Noble despite years of diligent practice during my own educational years, the arthritis in my hands appeared early and by my early teens my fingers already showing signs of the condition, my own signature and handwriting has long been manuscript. 

I like Trend Enterprises teaching aides; they are well made, charts are printed using robust, long wearing card stock, printed using kid motivating, non toxic inks, most have a non mar type surface, and I laminate for even more protection.  This particular chart is attractive with a multi rainbow type border along with a turquoise banner and white letter to name the chart.  Lines across the chart help kids get placement and slant in sight as they work, and lettering to be copied is offered in a thick, black line making course of each letter easy to follow during practice sessions.

Because most of my teaching has been Kindergarten or First Grade my use of manuscript print as my script of choice that has not been a problem; in fact my own printed manuscript signatures have been acceptable when buying houses, cars, applications for work, signing my pay check, opening bank accounts etc in whatever state I reside at the time from California to Oklahoma.

While this particular chart will not and is not designed to motivate learning of the alphabet per say and it does not present practice printing skills building, the chart does provide opportunity to learn another script alphabet and does present opportunity for practice of cursive writing skills. Charts can be used to kindle excitement, inspire progress and coach important skills.  Trend cursive charts feature thin red, directional line notation showing the initial stroke, and subsequent stroke needed for penning each letter.  Charts can be used to better ready kids for assessment, augment learning throughout the school term and prepare students for the lifetime ahead when they WILL actually set pen or pencil to paper and hopefully produce a legible bit of handwritten something.

I like Trend Enterprises charts, the back of the charts tend to include helpful suggestions and ideas for using the chart as well as a reproducible alphabet suitable for students to add to their binder for reference.  While this particular lettering is not Noble and Noble it fosters good serviceable handwriting characters, clear to read and easy for middle grade students to emulate to produce readable penmanship.

Happy to recommend Trend Enterprises™  Modern Cursive Alphabet





NOTE: Trend Enterprises teaching materials are available online from a diversity of sites as well as being offered in brick and mortar type educational/instructional type shops.

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 Internet search includidng the Trend Enterprises reveals: Trend Enterprises is an educational publishing company founded by Kay Fredericks.

From the Trend site: Since 1968, TREND under the direction of Kay Fredericks Founder/CEO has been making learning fun for millions of children all over the world! Since 1968 Trend has led the industry with innovative, educationally effective games, books, stickers, posters, flash cards, and more.

TREND is located in New Brighton, MN, where distribution of more than 2,500 products through a variety of channels is the norm. Trend's dedication to creativity, quality, and teamwork as well as the great spirit of pride that comes from knowing TREND products help children learn and succeed has motivated the company from it's inception.

TREND's teacher-created, child-tested products are recognized for their engaging, creative design and age-appropriate content that prepares children of all skill levels for a lifetime of successful learning experiences. TREND selects only the finest quality materials to create durable, lasting products for years of use, and every product is designed to be easy to use and multi-functional for added value.

Whether you're at school, at home, or on the go, TREND's teacher-created, child-tested products make it easy to: Motivate and inspire young learners, Teach and reinforce basic skills and Promote progress and celebrate achievement.

A clearance center, certificate templates and Christian materials are available on the site.

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