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The perfect under-seat carry-on bag

Pros Holds laptop, fits under airplane seats
Cons Telescoping handle recesses into bag, takes up some space.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Great to carry laptop plus other travel essentials.  Rolls, but also fits atop larger bag.  Very sturdy.
I travel for work ~20 - 25 weeks/yr and must carry a laptop with me on every trip.  I searched high and low for a bag that would hold my laptop as well as my other travel essentials, i.e., purse, book, bottle of water, etc.  I also wanted the bag to roll, fit over the handle of my larger carry-on bag, and fit under an airline seat.  I didn't think this was too much to ask...come to find out, it was actually quite a tall order!

I must have looked at/tested at least 30 bags in my search.  Every "laptop" bag I found was missing at least one of the requirements I mentioned above.  Most commonly, the bags were either too large to fit under an airline seat and/or had too many compartments designed to fit only items that were flat/rectangular in size.  Finally, I gave up looking for a "laptop" bag and just started looking for a bag that would fit my laptop.  This search got me closer to meeting my requirements but still it seemed at least one of them was missing, usually the ability to fit over the handle of my larger bag.  I was about to give up on finding a bag that met all my requirements when I ran across the Travelpro Walkabout Lite 2 Rolling Tote Bag on (unfortunately, they don't sell this bag anymore).

This bag appeared to be the perfect size (15" x 12" x 7") to fit my laptop AND to fit under the airplane seat.  It was wheeled, had a strap to fit over the handle of my larger bag, AND had elasticized side pockets on either side of the bag and a zipper pocket in front.  Needless to say, I was thrilled...though admittedly somewhat skeptical to find what seemed to be the perfect bag after such an extended search.  As a result, I went to the Travelpro website to find a local retailer so I could actually see, feel, and measure the bag myself.  I located it at a Sharon Luggage store and was delighted to find it really was exactly what I was looking for!  Unfortunately, it was quite a bit more expensive at the store ($149.99) than it was online ($99.00), so I decided to wait the few extra days and save the money by ordering the bag online.

Online, I found that this bag comes in 2 colors: black and moss.  I purchased the moss color as I am a big believer in non-black luggage whenever's much easier to recognize and identify in the sea of black bags everyone seems to carry these days.  When the bag arrived, I was pleased to discover the moss color is quite nice and true to what you see online (Sharon Luggage had only had the black bag available during my visit).  I immediately started to pack the bag as if I were going on a trip...into the main compartment went my laptop, my purse, a light jacket, and my portfolio.  The side pockets fit a bottle of water and a paperback book, and the front zipper pocket held all of my cords (laptop, phone charger, USB cables, etc.)...I was in luggage heaven!  I've had this bag nearly 3 years now and it has held up amazingly well.  The plastic around the wheels on back is scratched up from dragging the bag up/over curbs, stairs, etc., but the material, zippers, hand-carrying handles, and telescoping handle all look great and nothing has broken, ripped, or worn through.

Though they were not part of my personal requirements, it bears mentioning that this bag also has two carry handles on top with an attached wraparound, snapping cover to hold them together and provide cushioning when carrying the bag in hand as well as a detachable shoulder strap.  The telescoping handle recesses into a zipper pocket.  If I have one complaint about this bag it would be that the pocket for the telescoping handle actually resides INSIDE the bag (vs. outside the bag), thus takes up space in the main compartment...probably about the size of a hardcover book.  I don't find it to be too problematic but I would consider it a design flaw as it seems there would be enough room to fit the collapsed handle on the outside of the bag without compromising the size or the appearance of the bag.

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