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Kero-Sun Double Clean DC 90/100

Pros Very clean burning. Virtually no smell once it's warmed up and it's easy to regulate.
Cons It's pricey and somewhat heavy.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  If you're looking for a supplemental kerosene heat source that has no smell, is clean burning, cheap to operate and state of the art, this is it.
This kerosene heater is perhaps the most efficient one ever made. I've owned kerosene heaters in the past and while they always worked, they also tended to be smelly and had no way to control their output, they were either full on or full off. This heater seems to have solved both problems.

The DC 90 and DC 100 are identical except for color. The DC 100 is black and the DC 90 is white. Before I purchased this heater, I did a lot of research. We have a small home in the mountains of New York state. Winters are fairly harsh here with sub zero temperatures common. I wanted a supplemental/emergency heat source that was safe and efficient. I have two young daughters, a couple of dogs and a pair of cockatiels. I am also a worry wart and hated the idea of having a flame visible and also carbon monoxide buildup. From my research, the Double Clean claimed to pollute the home less than all others by far.

I resolved to spend the money (make no mistake, it is an expensive heater)and try it out. The first thing that struck me about the heater was it's different look. Other kerosene heaters seem nothing more than a burner and a metal chimney. The DC 90 has a burn chamber, then a glass section above it where a secondary burn occurs. The first chamber heats up and glows red producing a nice radiant heat. As the unit warms up, the secondary burn chamber begins to operate and heat is released out of the top. It's rated at over 17,000 BTU's on high and can be adjusted down to 11,200 BTU's with a twist of the wick raiser. Try that with any other conventional type heater!

There is some smell when you first start the heater. I open a window to counter this. Once the heater warms up for a few minutes the smell goes away. The only other time it smells a little is when you shut it off. If you have access to 1-K clear kerosene it will allow your wick to last longer. The 1-K red dyed kerosene works fine too but the wick won't last as long. With either type you need to "dry-burn" them every so often to remove deposits that get in the wick.

I found the heater to very well constructed (perhaps this is why it weighs a lot). Igniting it is easily accomplished by using the ignition lever which uses two D-size batteries to heat up a small spring shaped element that touches the wick. I've also lit it with a match. The tank has a fuel gauge which is quite handy. It has an automatic extinguisher that shuts off the heater if it should be jarred. Overall I was impressed with the quality of construction. The only flimsy part I could find is the drip pan which goes under the heater.Its only function is to catch any spills during filling so it has no effect on the actual operation of the heater.

All in all its a fine heater and I have found it to do everything it claims to. It's clean, easy to use and although heavy, its weight can be thought of as a plus because it stays put and is not easy to tip over. I like the adjustability. It also has a "wick life extender" which is used to allow the wick to be moved a bit higher as it burns down. I have yet to try this feature as the wick hasn't burned down yet.

My opinion is that the Toyotomi Kero Sun DC 90 is the "Cadillac" of kerosene unvented heaters. Toyotomi has always been a leader in this technology and for now the DC 90 is the best.

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