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First class hardware at a low price, Runs Ubuntu9.04, WIFI inxluded

Pros runs Ubuntu9.04 WIFI<br>great hardware<br>Express card slot<br>easy XP conversion<br>Very nice Intel4 video
Cons right side usb port<br>front audio ports
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  This computer is worth more than Best Buy is charging. Its low price makes an extra warranty unpractical, it is $200 less than the Dell with simular features. 
This computer runs Ubuntu Linux 9.04 perfectly. Even the WIFI comes right up. Ubuntu is absolutely beautiful on this computer.
Runs Fatdog Puppy Linux just fine with full WIFI support.
Original Review
I bought this Toshiba Satellite Model L305-S5919 last week from Best Buy for $378 plus tax. I didn't get the extra warranty since the computer sells with a one year warranty. It has a 2.1Ghz Single Core Celeron CPU,  Intel 4 chipset , 2Gig Ram, 15" TFT display with a glass cover, 3 usb ports (2 left, 1 right), integrated Atheros WIFI, integrated Lan, audio out and mic in on front, plus modem (which I don't use), 160Gig HD and a Pioneer DVD-RW. The Intel 4 video will dynamically allocate up to 850Meg of system RAM.  This computer seems to run high ended games just fine with this video setup. So far I have run Half-life 2, Doom 3, and Quake 4. All run just great on this laptop. You should know that I did remove the Windows Vista operating system that came with the computer and replaced it with Windows XP. This may explain the very robust speed that I am getting. I had no problems getting XP drivers from Toshiiba's web site. I also dual boot Linux on a usb Pendrive and the computer boots the pendrive with no problems.  The version of linux I am using doesn't support the Atheros WIFI card, so I am using the Dell wireless express card from the Dell laptop that I retired. The Dell Express card works fine in the Toshiba since it has an Express Slot just like the Dell. The Atheros WIFI does work just fine in Windows XP. I also like the keyboard which has larger keys than the 14inch Dell and are very standard in their arrangement. The touch pad is the same color as the outer trim which gives the computer a real clean appearence.    On the negative side, I don't like the USB port on the right side since any cable plugged in there seems to be in the way of mouse usage and also the DVD door. In addition I don't like the audio ports on the front since they seem to be in the way also. Otherwise!
This is a very fast and smooth functioning computer (with XP installed, don't know about Vista). For $378 the few negatives are far out weighted by the positives.

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