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$70.99 3 Port Component Video Splitter with Digital Audio
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The 3-Port Component Video Splitter allows you to send a single signal with audio to up to three displays, standard or high-definition. It supports resolutions of 1080p. This component video switch box with digital audio can also be used as a composite for sending three signals to up to nine monitors.
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2 stores (USB421HS) 4-Ports External USB peripheral sharing switch
Quickly and easily share a USB 2.0 device between up to four different computers. The USB421HS...
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$18.54 PCI1394_4 4 Port IEEE 1394 FireWire PCI Card
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The PCI 1394_4 Four-Port IEEE 1394 FireWire Card is made to turn a motherboard PCI slot into four IEEE 1394a FireWire six-pin female ports, including one internal and three external. Once installed, this device can be used with any FireWire 400 device with a six-pin connection to your desktop computer. This item is a practical solution for connecting a wide range of portable devices to your desk such as iPods, MP3 players, digitial camcorders, portable drives and much more. This FireWire PCI card is compatible with Macs and PCs and it comes equipped with a shared internal FireWire port. It lets you interface with internal devices including front panel card readers. Easily plug/unplug and switch out your FireWire peripherals with this product that supports hot-swappable... Less
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$9.89 SVUSB2N1_6 USB KVM Cable
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IN_STOCK ( In stock )'s universal series SVUSB2N1_6 USB KVM Cable prevents tangles and keep your workspace neat while delivering excellent performance with your StarView or other KVM switch. This 6ft 2-in-1 USB + VGA KVM switch Cable is constructed of high quality materials and is expertly designed to ensure crystal clear display quality, and durable performance.
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2 stores (PEX100S) Network Adapter
This 40ft DVI-D dual link cable features two male DVI-D connectors and supports high speed data...
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$40.99 ST124W 4 Port Wall Mount VGA Video Splitter
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The StarTech.Com ST124W 4-Port VGA Video Splitter offers outstanding quality and distance, allowing you to deliver high resolution VGA video from a single video source to up to four monitors simultaneously. This 4-port wall-mount VGA video splitter allows you to locate screens up to 200ft away from the VGA video source, supporting a maximum VGA video bandwidth of up to 250MHz while delivering display resolutions up to 1600x1200. The splitter provides versatile installation options, with top-side connection ports as well as the option to mount the splitter on a wall, making it easy to position the VGA splitter as needed. This VGA port splitter offers a scalable video splitting solution, allowing you to cascade the VGA signal using additional splitters for broadcast from a single VGA source... Less
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$26.05 2 Port PCI RS232 Serial Adapter Card with 16950 UART
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Connect devices with little hassle when you use the StarTech 2 Port PCI Serial Card. This is a cost-effective solution for serial modems, POS devices or PDAs. You can also use the rs232 serial card to hook up digital cameras, printers, ISDN terminal adapters and more. It is ideal to use when connecting new or legacy serial peripherals to a system.
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$24.82 DP2DVIMM6 Video Converter Cable
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The DP2DVIMM6 Video Converter Cable features two connectors, one at the front end and the other at the back. The front connector of the 6-foot video cable has a 1x male display port and the other end has a 1x19-pin DVI-D male video cable. This video converter cable is easy to use and requires no special software or drivers for installation. The StarTech display port to DVI converter cable supports PC resolutions up to 1920x1200 and HDTV resolutions up to 1080p. This MM video converter features a single cable design that offers a direct source of display.
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$17.98 USB 3.0 to 2.5' SATA III Hard Drive Adapter Cable w/ UASP - SATA to USB 3.0 Converter for SSD / HDD
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Connect a 2.5in SATA hard drive to your computer using a portable cable with UASP Support. The USB3S2SAT3CB USB 3.0 to SATA adapter cable lets you connect a 2.5' SATA hard drive or solid state drive to your computer through an available USB port -- the easiest way to upgrade the hard drive in your laptop by adding an external SSD via USB 3.0. The cable supports UASP, allowing for transfer speeds up to 70% faster than conventional USB 3.0, which enables you to utilize the full potFEATURES: SATA/USB for Notebook, Ultrabook, Storage Drive, Hard Drive1.64 ft1 Pack1 x Male SATA, 1 x Male Power1 x Type A Male USB
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$5.39 3 Ft Usb Y Cable For External Hard Drive - Dual Usb A To Micro B - Type A Male Usb - Micro Type B Male Usb - 3ft - Black (usb2hauby3)
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A single USB external hard drive cable that provides power and data. This 3-foot USB-A to Micro-B Y-Cable provides 2 USB-A Male connectors and 1 USB Micro-B Male connector, providing the ideal solution for supporting the additional power required by some micro USB external hard drives connected to the standard USB ports provided by most computers. Especially valuable in situations where a single USB 2.0 port may not offer sufficient power to external hard drives, the USB-A to Micro-B Y-cable can be connected to 2 ports on 1 PC to increase the power output to the external device.Aside from the additional power provided, this 3-foot cable also offers pure digital data transmission for high speed file transfers.The USB-A to USB Micro-B Y-Cable is backed by's Lifetime Warranty... Less

$24.95 NBCOOLER USB Powered Laptop Cooler
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Keep your laptop computer from overheating when you use the NBCOOLER USB Powered Laptop Cooler. You want to make sure your equipment temperature is in the optimal range. A drop in performance due to overheating is common in many laptops, as the excess heat can cause speeds to slow. This provides just the right solution by keeping your laptop at safe, cool levels. This helps to enhance the performance and maintain higher speeds for any program you might run, as you will avoid any issues due to overheating. The black USB laptop cooling pad is designed to work with any computer. Whatever the size of your system, it will help to amplify your electronics and allow normal functionality. This laptop cooling fan consists of four separate air jets that run at 2600 rpm. It also comes... Less

Startech 11 Piece PC Computer...

$13.95 Startech 11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit with Carrying Case
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Get the handy Startech 11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit with Carrying Case to help you with PC repairs. This professional computer tool kit from comes with everything you need to fix your computer. It is portable, convenient to use and keeps all of your tools organized in one single place. The case of this PC repair tool kit is made of high-quality vinyl to make it long-lasting, and it is zippered for safety. Along with slotted screwdrivers, Philips screwdrivers, nut drivers, a chip extractor, a three-prong parts retriever, assemble tweezers and a Torx screwdriver, there is also a handy tube for storing spare screws and nuts in the package.
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$11.07 6in Screw Mount Cable Ties 100 Pack
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StarTech - Cable tie - 6.3 in (pack of 100 ) - for StarTech 430, 530
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$3.65 Bracket Metal 5.25 To 3.5 Inch Drive Adapter Bracket
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This Drive Bay Mounting Bracket Kit lets you mount a 3.5in Hard Drive in a 5.25in drive bay, allowing you to maximize the internal space-efficiency of your computer case.Backed by's 2-year warranty. Physical CharacteristicsMa terial: MetalMiscellaneou sPackage Contents: Drive Adapter Bracket4 x ScrewsAdditional Information: Durable all metal construction for mounting any type of 3.5in device into a 5.25in bayBacked by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical supportCompatibil ity: Allow 3.5 inch drives, hard drives to be mounted in standard 5.25 inch drive baysGreen Compliant: YesGreen Compliance Certificate/Autho rity: RoHSWarrantyLimit ed Warranty: 2 Year

StarTech SV431RACK 1U...

$20.99 StarTech SV431RACK 1U RackMount Brackets for KVM Switch (SV431 Series)
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Specifications Color Black Product Length 220 Features Easy to install Includes a cable support bracket to reduce stress on KVM cables and switch connectors
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$30.42 Deluxe Assortment PC Screw Kit
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IN_STOCK ( In stock )
Always have the screws you need to fix any PC with the Deluxe Assortment PC Screw Kit. This set comes with a wide assortment of screws to handle any PC related task. This computer screw kit has the necessary parts for anyone building a new computer, upgrading parts or any computer repair situations.
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$8.63 Bracket25 2.5 To 3.5 Ide Hard Drive Cable Adapter
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Mount a 2.5in IDE hard drive to any computer with an available 3.5in bay. This Drive Bay Mounting Bracket Kit lets you mount a 2.5in hard drive in a 3.5in drive bay, allowing you to maximize the internal space-efficiency of your computer case. Backed by''s 2-year warranty.Product InformationDevice Supported: Hard Disk DrivePhysical CharacteristicsMa terial: MetalMiscellaneou sAdditional Information: A metal mounting bracket ensures the drive is reliably secure and provides heat dissipation from the driveBacked by a 2-year warranty and free lifetime technical supportCompatibil ity: 2.5 inch Hard DriveGreen Compliant: YesGreen Compliance Certificate/Autho rity: RoHSWarrantyLimit ed Warranty: 2 Year
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$13.63 PCI420USB USB Adapter Card
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The PCI420USB Adapter Card adds 4 external 1 x 4-pin Type A Female USB 2.0 ports to your PCI-based personal computer. Supported by popular operating systems such as Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/V ista and Apple's Mac OS X (up to Version 10.4), this USB Adapter Card is WHQL certified for simple driver installation in Windows XP operating environments. By providing a direct PCI to USB adapter, this product allows you to supplement your available USB ports without having to upgrade your motherboard. The PCI420USB Adapter Card includes an extra internal USB port for plug and play convenience. Offering high-speed data transfer, this USB 2.0 adapter card maintains speeds of up to 480 Mbps.
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$315.60 Portable Server Rack With Handles - Rolling Cabinet - 9u - 17.70 9u Wide X 23 Deep For Server - Black - Steel - 1190.50 Lb X Maximum Weight Capacity - 1200 Lb X (rk960cp)
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IN_STOCK ( In stock )
Store your servers, network and telecommunication s equipment in a portable, rolling server rack. This 9U portable server rack lets you store your server, network and telecommunication s equipment in a sturdy mobile rack that has a fixed depth of 23 inches.Portable designWith built-in handles and four swiveling casters, this mobile rack is easy to transport around your server room, office or studio. Its increased mobility makes this cabinet the ideal solution for telecommunication racks that need to interface with different equipment around your workspace. Durable constructionThe server rack features heavy-gauge mounting rails to ensure a stable installation platform. This durable 4-post rack supports a static loading capacity of up to 220 lb (99.8 kg), and is compliant with several... Less
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$8.55 Single Outlet Female HDMI Wall Plate - 1-gang - HDMI Digital Audio/Video - White
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Add an In-wall HDMI® Connection Port, for Neat, Professional Quality Video Installations.. The HDMIPLATE professional- grade Single Outlet Female HDMI® Wall Plate offers an in-wall HDMI digital video receptacle that provides easy connections between a High Speed HDMI video output or Standard HDMI video output, and HDMI-equipped projectors, remote displays, or home theaters. The 19-pin HDMI wall plate eliminates cable clutter, providing you with a professional look and is backed by''s Lifetime Warranty. Technical InformationNumber of Gangs: 1-gangMount Location: Wall MountFeatures: Designed to allow any Standard HDMI cable to be securely plugged inScrew-in port design ensures snug, secure HDMI connectionsSet up in-wall HDMI cabling and save on installation timeInterfaces/Po... Less
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$19.00 TOSLINK20 20ft Toslink to Digital Audio Cable
+ $5.97 shipping
IN_STOCK ( In stock )
Connecting your PC audio card to the stereo/home Theater system is made easy with the StarTech. com TOSLINK20 20ft Toslink to Digital Audio Cable. The StarTech cable provides high quality audio effect, with crystal clear rich sound even at full volume. This fiber optic audio cable provides a perfect digital connection with unique sound effect, and facilities accurate bit stream audio transfer between devices. The StarTech. com TOSLINK20 20ft Toslink to Digital Audio Cable features flexible PVC jacket construction, which makes installation easy even in hard to reach areas. This cable can be used to connect your digital devices such as CD, DVD-audio and Mini CD, without compromising on the audio quality.
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$32.48 ISA2S550 2 Port ISA Serial Adapter Card
+ $5.97 shipping
IN_STOCK ( In stock )'s ISA-based RS232 Serial Card (16550 UART) can be installed in an ISA motherboard slot to add two RS232 serial COM ports, with support for data transfer rates of up to 460.8Kbps for peak serial device performance. The ISA Serial Adapter Card includes drivers for Windows.
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$32.30 ctk500 19 piece PC Computer Repair Service Tool Kit
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IN_STOCK ( In stock ) ctk500 19 piece PC Computer Repair Service Tool Kit -
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$20.93 11 Piece PC Computer Tool Kit with Carrying Case
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Provides the necessary tools to service and repair PC computers. This 11-piece PC toolkit provides you with everything you'll need to repair and maintain today's computers. The kit is designed for use in offices or by computer services people. The carrying case is made from vinyl and is zippered to keep everything in one place.The kit contains chip inserter with pin straightener; chip extractor; three prong parts retriever; assemble tweezers; slotted screwdriver - 1/8 inch; slotted

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