Star Wars: Episode I: Jedi Power Battles (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000)
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Star Wars: Episode I: Jedi Power Battles (Sony PlayStation 1, 2000)

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  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Rating: T - Teen
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 1
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The Finger-tapping is strong with this one

bydestroyer77 Jan 5, 2008
16 Helpfuls 17 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Fun concept, excellent force and lightsaber attacks
Cons Bugs, pointless activities, check points, menus
Recommended it? Yes

Let me first start out with the fact that I am a big fan of the Star Wars series and always have been since I saw the first (4th) movie. Some people don't feel this way and therefore would not understand what the force and Jedi are.

Now, even for the people that aren't force-sensitive... Read full review »


May The Force Be With You...

bytrevlyn13 Nov 22, 2001
6 Helpfuls 7 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Unique characters, interesting moves, interesting enemies.
Cons Glitchy gameplay, some levels are too long.
Recommended it? Yes

Lucasarts has always had a problem with creating quality console games. While their computer games are off the charts in terms of sales and review ratings, their consoles hover barely above average. Jedi Power Battles is different though.

Using one of five jedi, you hack, slash, and parry... Read full review »


Let rip with some Jedi powers...

bydegeneration Jul 11, 2001
2 Helpfuls 3 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Not bad graphics. Good fun. Big game. Lightsabers! Star Wars platformer!
Cons Can be VERY difficult in places. Bit repetitive at times. Can't kill Jar Jar.
Recommended it? Yes

When this game out on the playstation what feels like years ago, I just had to get it. Firstly because I am a big Star Wars fan, but mainly because it was a good old fashioned platformer, granted souped up into 3D, where you could just pick up your controller and play for a while and have fun... Read full review »


Must... kill.. Darth... Maul...

byShariiDaHypaa Apr 23, 2001
6 Helpfuls 7 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros lots of things to do, complete with subgames and hidden characters
Cons graphics could be better, and Plo Koon could have been left out altogether
Recommended it? Yes

I am a big fan of Star Wars. Not like I used to, but that's not the point. But my family grew up on Star Wars, so of course they would pass on this legacy to me. I actually got mad once when I went to Kay-Bee, asked for a real, honest to goodness lightsaber, and they said they didn't carry them... Read full review »


You wanna know why? then come on in!

bymk4st Dec 28, 2000
1 Helpfuls 2 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Lightsabres, what more do I need to say?
Cons Camera angles, controling the character
Recommended it? Yes

This game is so fun! ok, you start off watching this cool CG cinema and then it goes to the menu screen. bELIEVE IT OR NOT THERE IS A PARTNER MODE WHERE YOU can play with a friend and defeat the forces of evil, together!!! There are 5 main characters you can use. Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, Mace Windu, Adi... Read full review »


Bite Me Game!!

bySnail-Mail Nov 11, 2000
4 Helpfuls 5 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros gay
Cons gay
Recommended it? No

This game is gay, espeically doing the running ballineria attack! Look at me I hold a light saber. Even Chuck Norris movies are better. This game is so retard even all my dumb friends could think of a better game. Graphics are o.k. and sound, it sounds better hearing a guy taking a be poo in nails... Read full review »


Jedi have fun too

bywytman Oct 17, 2000
5 Helpfuls 6 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Be a real Jedi Knight
Cons rehashing of Phantom Menace plot is dry
Recommended it? Yes

I bought this game because the original Phantom Menace game stunk. It's plain and simple. I liked the supercharged animation sequence that is the game's intro - and I couldn't resist picking it up. Just because you have force moves - I had to have it.

This is a great game. It is exactly... Read full review »


May the force be with you to pass by this stinker

byoni424 Sep 25, 2000
9 Helpfuls 10 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Well it is Star Wars related
Cons Ugh! long load time and poor control
Recommended it? No

Lucas Arts had a chance to take a terrible movie and make a somewhat decent game out of it. Well, they failed. Star Wars Episode One Jedi Power Battles (just saying the name puts me to the 100 word requirement)lets you take the place of one of five jedis and go crazy slicing through enemies with... Read full review »


Thumbs DOWN

bybridgetling Sep 9, 2000
12 Helpfuls 13 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Good graphics, sound, and effects
Cons Like most Lucas games, this game has very poor gameplay and overall execution
Recommended it? No

First off, I love Star Wars. I loved Episode One. I Loved Episode One Racer. I hated Jedi Power Battles. The creators of this game had such a great concept and idea for this game, but in the end it suffered the fate that so many movie to video game ports do . . . what to do between the events of... Read full review »


This Game Needs Work

byMajestik_7 Sep 8, 2000
4 Helpfuls 5 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros The Music, Learn new Combos
Cons Animation, Jumping, invisible walls, unstoppable combination moves
Recommended it? No

I LOVE STAR WARS, but Star Wars: Jedi Power Battles just didn't live up to my expectations.

Don't get me wrong, the game was all right, but it really needed to have better graphics.

All of the five Jedi Masters, from Obi-Wan to Adi Gallia, do look decent and are animated quite... Read full review »


Good Game

byNight4554 Aug 23, 2000
3 Helpfuls 4 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, Characters
Cons View, Health Bar
Recommended it? Yes

This game has many strong points. However there are also a few weak points also. The view and the health bar pretty much covers the weak points. The health bar can be under your guy or at the top of the screen but is rather hard to read. The view shifts constantly and takes some getting used to as... Read full review »


The Force is with you

bymetalgaruramon Aug 20, 2000
8 Helpfuls 9 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Levels, Combos, Obi-Wan, and Mace
Cons Bad camera angles, Plo Koon, limited force
Recommended it? Yes

The game
I found Jedi Power Battle to be very fun and entertaining, but after playing it a lot it gets boring. The levels are long and very well thought out. It has great combo's for each character and you can get new force moves by getting a lot of points in each level. The ruler where pretty... Read full review »


This Game's Whack...even with Sam Jack.

byAlkaiser Aug 16, 2000
26 Helpfuls 27 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Mace Windu.
Cons Bad control, bad camera, bad game designers, bad!
Recommended it? No

The force is very, very weak with this one. I don't get why these companies acquire these cool licenses, and then doom them to video game oblivion by making horrible games out of them. To date...the number of good movie/TV based games: 3. X-Wing, Jedi Knight II, and Aliens Vs. Predator. That's... Read full review »


Power to the People

byTheKestrel Aug 11, 2000
1 Helpfuls 2 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Fun!!!!
Cons Graphics can be hard to see
Recommended it? Yes

First things first. When you play this game, do not expect to be playing your regular 3-D action/adventure game. This game is really an arcade game. I'm sure that many of you have played "The Simpsons" and "X-Men" at your local arcade. Although the graphics are infinitely superior to those... Read full review »


Major dissapointment

byJMBEN87 Jul 20, 2000
1 Helpfuls 2 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros nice designs,likeable music
Cons controls,camera,too confusing.
Recommended it? No

I did not buy but i did borrow.The game is a disgrace to the jedi name.I think this is like a bad arcade game in which you have specific amount of lives.The game relies too much on the license.This is TPM all over again except you do different things.I am very dissapointed with this garbage can... Read full review »


Worst Game Ever? I Think So!

byKevman39 Jul 16, 2000
4 Helpfuls 5 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros great graphics
Cons horrible controls that ruin gameplay
Recommended it? No

Talk about potential. When I first read about this game I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. I mean, I am a "Star Wars" nut but "The Phantom Menace" the game was bad, really bad. Luckily, Lucas Arts had decided to release "Jedi Power Battles." Well, the day rolled around and I was first in line... Read full review »


Strategically Awesome!

byContiki123 Jul 14, 2000
11 Helpfuls 12 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Action Packed and Fun
Cons If you thought it was hard on "easy mode" , then it's impossible on Jedi...
Recommended it? Yes

Ok, so the movie Phantom Menace was fast paced and action packed, but this game brings out more lightsabers than ever! No, you dont fight each other head-to-head. You go on an adventure destroying droids and saving the queen's handmaidens and even the queen herself! You can choose from 5 different... Read full review »


The force is strong in this one...

byUchuuzoku Jul 11, 2000
6 Helpfuls 7 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Quite possibly the best SW game on the market.
Cons Short and repetitive, much as most action games tend to be.
Recommended it? Yes

In high school, there wasn't a day that went by without someone making a comment about my name that had something to do with Star Wars. Being named Luke tends to do that to a person, and I didn't necessarily enjoy it, but it did give me a certain appreciation for the series -- Know your enemy,... Read full review »


Being a Jedi Knight Ain't Easy

byStratadrake Jul 10, 2000
7 Helpfuls 8 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Graphics/Sound, Enemy AI, Two-player Mode
Cons Overall Difficulty/Controls and enemy AI
Recommended it? Yes

When I first saw this game, my mind raced back to the "Super Star Wars" games on Super Nintendo, of which I had owned, loved, and beaten all three. Jedi Power Battles follows that tradition of arcade-like gameplay that only remotely follows the movie's plot. This time, however, the movie is Episode... Read full review »


Horrid Experience.

byWithWires Jun 23, 2000
4 Helpfuls 5 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Neat effects, good sound.
Cons Effects and sound repeated, over and over again.
Recommended it? No

The extent of this game as I played: (first five minutes) GREAT! THIS IS SUPER FUN! I?M CUTTING UP ROBOTS SUPER LOTS! (time thereafter) Great. I?m cutting up robots.
This game was just more and more of the same, cut up robots, useless jumps that can end the game at one wrong move, cut up... Read full review »

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The Trade Federation, under the influence of Darth Sidious, have set up a blockade of the planet Naboo. Naboo is located far from the capital of Coruscant, and thus, the happenings can not be witnessed directly by the Republic. While it is known that the Trade Federation has formed a blockade, it is unknown to the Republic that they are preparing a full-scale invasion of the planet.You may be thinking that you have already dealt with the Trade Federation in the PlayStation title Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Perhaps you have, but with Star Wars: Episode I: Jedi Power Battles, players do not need to worry about solving puzzles, though they will occasionally have to escort characters. Whereas Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace is an adventure game that follows the movie's storyline, Jedi Power Battles sacrifices elements of the movie in order to provide a beat-'em-up action experience. Players assume the role of one of the five available Jedi: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Mace

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