Sony UWA-BR100 (4905524648638) Wireless Adapter
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Waste of Money and time

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This did not do for me what it was advertized to do and I have spoke to Sony who claim they will issue a patch.

I wanted to be able to play video from my PC on my TV. I hoped to be able to do that with avi but could accept I might have to convert to some other formats. But seems it makes no differenece as it will not play any video formats. Although there was some claim it would play MPEG it don't.

So for now I am back to either burning to DVD or converting to MPEG and playing on my TV via using a flash drive. I still cannot do what I bought the item for, play video from my PC.

Seems apparently the only way is with a XBox via Windows Media Centre.

LiveAssist Transcript
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chat id : 053c1177-cca2-45c0-8f05-7f59c4f4291f
Problem : UWABR100 trying to get my TV KDL46HX701 to display and play video, seems it only displays plays audio or picture files not video
Tonya_ > Hi Brian. Welcome to Sony Online Support. I'm Tonya. Please allow me a moment to review your concern.
Tonya_ > Thank you for waiting, Brian. I'm sorry that the vidoes files are not playing back in the TV from the Internet. I'll be glad to assist you with this.
Tonya_ > Are you trying to access the videos files stored in the Network?
Brian > Not so much the internet. My PC network I want to play back video from a PC?
Brian > I have the TV on my network and can play MP3 music and view JPG's but cannot see or play video files
Tonya_ > Thank you for the detailed information.
Brian > Even if i put a video file on a memory stick and plug that directly into the TV it don't see the video files
Tonya_ > Please let me know the files formats stored in the USB device connected to the TV.
Brian > typically on my network i have tried to see any video formats have tried AVI, MPEG1 and 2
Tonya_ > Okay, Brian.
Brian > I had bought the UWABR100 to be able to play directly video from pc to tv. currently i have to convert the files and burn them to dvd. looks like using an xbox 360 and windows media center is the only way i can find to do it
Tonya_ > Thanks for the information.
Brian > Is the UVABR100 supposed to do exactly what I want, that is play video wirelessly from pc to tv?
Tonya_ > Are you referring to the UWABR100 USB Lan Adapter?
Brian > Yes
Tonya_ > Thanks for the confirmation.
Brian > I even downloaded the program from sony support send from PC to TV though don't see how that helps
Tonya_ > Okay, Brian.
Tonya_ > I understand that the issue persists only with the Video files store in the PC. Am I correct?
Brian > Yes MP3 audio and JPG picture files are fine, when  i press home on the remote it takes me to both the musi and or picture sections of the network pcs and they work fine. But when i go to the video portion of the pcs i get nothing found
Tonya_ > I'm sorry, Brian. The Software update is required to access the videos files stored in the Computer.
Brian > what software update?
Tonya_ > I'm sorry that there is no Software update available for the TV to make it compatible to access videos at this time.
Brian > so are you telling me the UWABR100 is not supposed to stream video from my pc network to my pc?
Tonya_ > Brain, the UWABR100 USB Lan Adapter is compatible with the TV to access files from the Computer.
Tonya_ > It's required to install the Software update in the TV to access the video files stored in the Computer.
Brian > what software update? the TV is updated?
Tonya_ > Brian, the Software update will be released soon to make the TV compatible to access the video files stored in the Computer.
Brian > You mean currently its supposed to work but doesnt work?
Tonya_ > Brian, it's required to install the Software update in the TV to access the videos files.
Brian > I don't understand. I can stream video from the internet to the TV. Pressing home on the remote takes me to my internet networked computers and has sections fro video, music and pictures. But seems the video section don't work as it was supposed to work?
Tonya_ > Yes, Brain. The TV requires the Software update to be installed in it to access the video files stored in the Computer.
Brian > But the software update is not yet available?
Tonya_ > Yes, that's correct?
Brian > Do you know when it will be availabe?
Tonya_ > We do not have the exact time frame but once it is available, it will be posted at our support site.
Brian > OK
Tonya_ > I have been notified that you have left the room, are you still with me?

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