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The Best Console

Pros FREE ONLINE<br>Blu-Ray<br>Rechargeable Controller<br>Graphics<br>Looks Great<br>PS Network
Cons Menu Navigation<br>No Party Chat<br>Unreliable
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Buy a PS3. Free Online, Great Games, Great Graphics, Great Controller, Overall amazing system, hardware and all.
I had a choice of buying an Xbox 360 or a Playstation 3. As soon as I found out the Playstation 3 was FREE TO PLAY ONLINE, i was sucked in. I purchased the original "Fat" PS3 about 6 months after release. Unfortunately after a good amount of time it broke (the yellow light.) It was partly my fault because I let it overheat. Nevertheless i was angry and still wanted another PS3. I picked up the PS3 slim and never even considered buying an Xbox 360.

Hardware - The cold hard un-opinionated facts! 

Operating System - XcrossMediaBar (PS3 Only OS)

CPU- 3.2 GHz Cell Broadband Engine with 1 PPE and 7 SPEs.

- 20 GB, 40 GB, 60 GB, 80 GB, 120 GB, 160 GB, 250 GB, or 320 GB  

Memory - 256 MB system and 256 MB video

Graphics - 550 MHz NVIDIA/SCEI RSX 'Reality Synthesizer.'

Controller - Six-Axis standard SONY Duel shock

Video Drive - Blu-Ray and DVD Compatible

Now that we know the hardware lets talk about WHY the PS3 is the best gaming console on the market.

The PS3 can display an image at 1080p, which is the highest any console can go today. (not counting desktop computers)

NO MORE BATTERIES!!! PS3 controllers are completely rechargeable.

The PS3 has a very sleek and futuristic look and feel to it, controller and system.

Online is completely free. No monthly fee's, no yearly fee's. Compared to the Xbox 360, PS3 wins in this category. Even is you bought a ps3 for $300 and an xbox for $200 every year you would have to pay $60 to play online with the Xbox. 4 years times $60 is $240. Enough to have bought 2 consoles.

Gaming -The most obvious reason someone would buy a PS3. The experience is amazing. The sound, the graphics and vibration of the controlermake everything seem real and believable. No matter what game is played on the PS3 it will look sharp, brights will be bright and darks will be dark. The game discs are Blu-Ray. Which means more information on one disc, which in turn means greater graphics, game play and features. Another perk about the PS3 Blu-Ray feature is it can play ANY Blu-Ray, from movies to games. Blu-Ray players are upwards of $200. Instant savings is you have a PS3

There are some disadvantages to the PS3, mostly navigational. The XMB or playstaion interface, is sloppy. Theres no out of game party chat feature and occasionaly the system freezes and requires a restart. Ive only had my console break once like I said before, but should any console ever break?


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