Sony Handycam HDR-XR350V 160 GB Camcorder - Black
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Sony Handycam HDR-XR350V 160 GB Camcorder - Black

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  • Media Format: Flash card
  • Recording System: NTSC
  • Type: Standard
  • Storage Type: Internal & Removable
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You Get A Lot, But Well Worth The Price.

Pros Picture quality and ease of use after you learn how to use.
Cons Sound quality is really poor through camera.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  This is excellent for the money but is not waterproof.
If you are in the market for a new cam-corder then I would highly recommend that you enlist a person that has a lot of knowledge in this department. I have no knowledge on how to properly pick one of these out. It has been so long since I had purchased a camera of this type that there has been a lot of changes such as the size. When I first started looking I found that there were several hundred different styles and name brands to choose from, and this did not make it any easier to pick one out for the few times that I may really use one. The main reason that I decided to purchase a new camera is because the one that I have still has the 8mm tapes that you pop inside and it is a real hassle to put this on your PC to share with everyone else. With the new models out there, there is no more memory cards to have to use, just a built-in hard drive, and the camera easily connects to your PC when you are ready to transfer the movie or pictures. We found this Sony camera at Best Buy for one thousand dollars, and this does not include any bag, tripod, or extra battery. For that you will have to pay extra.

Description and Features
The first thing that you should know is what you are getting for this kind of money. What you should get inside of your box is one Sony cam-corder, an AC adapter, power cord, A/V cable, USB cable, wireless remote (which includes a button type battery), one rechargeable battery, one CD software disc, and one manual.

This camera only weighs just a shade under 15 ounces, and is 4 ½" from the front to the back. With the LCD screen closed it is only 2 ½" wide, the screen itself is 2.7". The only color that I have seen this come in, is the one that we purchased and that was black. On the bottom there is a spot to screw an easy access  mounting plate,  this will you to be able to attach this to any tripod without fumbling about.  The battery attaches to the rear of the camera while you are holding in a button you will just push the battery on and release the button, and it should stay in place. Just in case there is a lever that will pull out and it is spring loaded to allow this into place securely.  On the left side of the camera you will see a flip out screen then it can be flipped around to any position, and the screen will even sit back in the spot that it came from and you can just sit there and watch what you are taping without straining to turn your head.
The system format that this camera has is NTSC color, EIA standards HDTV 1080/60i. The movie recording format is HD mpeg-4 avc/h.264 AVCHD format compatible and standard  MPEG-2 PS. The audio recording system is Dolby digital 2ch and stereo creator. The photo file format consists of DCF 2.0, Exif 2.21, and MPF baseline compatible. The recording media which consists of Movie and Photos has an internal memory of HDR-CX300:16GB, HDR-CX350/Cx350V: 32 GB,HDR:CX370: 64 GB. The internal hard disc consists of HDR-XR350/XR350V: 160 GB, plus there is a memory stick pro Duo media SD memory card, the SDHC memory class can be a 4,6, or 10 class memory card.

If you are wondering what the capacity of this is, well one GB is equal to one billion bytes which is what is used for system mgmt. or app files. The HDR-CX300 is just about 15.5 GB, with the HDR-CX350 it is 31.5 GB, with the HDR-CX350V it is 30.8 GB, HDR-CX370 it is 63.6 GB, HDR-XR350V it is 159 GB, With the HDR-XR350V it is 158 GB.

The image device is 4.5 mm and has a CMOS sensor which will record pixels at a ratio of 4:3 with a max. of 7.1 mega pixel, this has a total gross amount of 4,200,000 of pixels, the effectiveness is 16:9 for movie and still photos (with the approximate of 2,650,000 pixels), when you change the settings to 4:3 effective photo the approximate pixels are 3,540,000. The lens is of the G type and has a 12 times 2 optical and 17 X 3, the digital is 160 times filter diameter, with a 30 mm (1 3/16" diameter lens), with a F1.8→3.4, the focal length is f=2.9→34.8mm (1/8"→ 1 3/8"). This camera also can be converted to a 35mm camera for still photos and movies at 29.8→357.6mm (16:9) and for still photos 27.4→328.8 at (4:3). The color temperature auto, one push, indoor (3200K), and outdoor (5800K).

The minimum illumination is 11 1xin the default setting of 1/60 of a second. When the shutter speed is 1/30 of a second you get 3 1xlow lux as long as it is on the low setting. Along with this excellent lens the input/output connectors have an A/V remote connector that will help with the video and audio actions. There is also a HDMI connection (this has a regular and a mini end) to help transfer your video to your personal computer. The LCD screen will help produce a large 6.7 cm image with the total number of pixels at 230,400.

Just like any other camera this will need a battery pack and it is always good to have a backup. This only needs 6.8 DC volts to run properly/7.2 V battery pack. This is an equivalent to a 8.4 DC adapter. As long as you use normal brightness the battery should  last a sufficient amount of time for you to do your project. The best operating for this camera is best if not used below freezing (use above 32 degrees  Fahrenheit and below 104 degrees Fahrenheit), for storing your camera it is best to store in not less than 4 degrees below zero and all the way up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

To use this camera straight from the electrical outlet you will need the AC adapter labeled AC-L200C/LC200D. With this you will be able to use it with power ac outlets between 100 volts → 240 volts. Plus 50 to 60 hz. The current consumption is 0.35 amps to 0.18 amps. The camera uses 18 watts of power. This will also put out 8.4 volts of juice. The battery that this uses is numbered NP-FV70 and it is double in size of the original battery(6.8v). The type of this is a Li-ion battery and will last a very long time. The time that this will last will depend on what you have the settings on, this will last anywhere from one hour and 25 minutes all the way to 6 hours and 35 minutes.

The main reason that we purchased a new camera was because we wanted to be able to put our video on our PC a lot easier than our old camera. The main thing that we did learn was that you should do a lot of practicing with a new camera such as this one. What else did we learn is that it is especially nice to use a tripod. With this new camera this makes for a better shot and it also comes with a remote control that will stop and start filming when you need it to. Just think to be able to stop recording by just hitting a button and you will not have the camera shake the picture.

This camera gives you an excellent picture when you are over a hundred feet away. With this camera being able to lock onto the tripod, will help you stay steady. The only problem that we had was the fact that if you want to stop this in the middle of recording you need to remember to restart the camera again. Because we did not practice with this camera first it caused us to miss the most important part of our daughters recital.

But, for the most part this has excellent picture quality and is easy to use. They say practice makes perfect, and that is the truth. If we were to mess with this a lot more we would not have missed a once in a lifetime shot. Once we got it going, we do not know why we did not get this type of camera before. The zoom in quality is excellent and when you apply the slightest pressure on the remote you can see the picture just like in real life.

The only thing that I can say bad about this camera, is that the sound when you play the video back the sound has a lot to be desired. You can barely hear what is being said during the show. It may just be the camera and it may get better when you replay it back on your PC or TV.

Overall you can't beat this camera and there is a lot more that this camera has to offer, such as it also has GPS but I do not think that we will ever use that option. The main part is that this is a breeze to use once you get used to it. I can give this 4 out of 5 stars and only because of the sound quality.

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