Silent Hill 2 (Sony PlayStation 2, 2001)
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Silent Hill 2 (Sony PlayStation 2, 2001)

  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Rating: M - Mature
  • Platform: Sony PlayStation 2
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Bloody Depressing, Bloody Gruesome. Silent Hill 2

byJiggyJay May 1, 2013
25 Helpfuls 26 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Graphics, atmosphere, cleverness, scary
Cons Controls are spotty
Recommended it? Yes

Silent Hill 2 is the survival horror sequel video game to 1999’s original game released on Sony’s Playstation. This marked the franchises’ debut on the Playstation 2 and despite sharing the same name and taking place in the same town, this is not a direct sequel. That said, this... Read full review »


Silent Hill 2

bynick7jq Nov 10, 2012
18 Helpfuls 19 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Graphically fantastic even for today's standards, engrossing, disturbing story,...
Cons Too few enemy types
Recommended it? Yes

Of all the games I truly adore, Silent Hill 2 is very high on the list. It's not even for its gameplay mechanics, which aren't spectacular, or the gameplay itself, which is kind of rote, but the world it creates and the way it envokes a kind of hysteria in the player, the game is purely... Read full review »


Easily One Of My Top 3 Favorite Games

bytheycallmep Aug 4, 2012
25 Helpfuls 26 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Storyline, Symbolism, Settings, Dialogue, Almost Everything
Cons Final boss could have been a little tougher
Recommended it? Yes

Your head’s pounding as you wake up in a daze and walk out to your car to discover a letter addressed to you by your dead fiancé. The letter says to meet in a foggy small town named Silent Hill where illusions walk the streets, the dead run rampant, and a rapist with a sword the size... Read full review »


Psychological Horror at its Best...Silent Hill 2

bymystical81 Nov 24, 2006
22 Helpfuls 23 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Incredible art direction; stunning graphics; creepy, authentic horror movie presentation.
Cons Clunky controls; hokey voice-acting.
Recommended it? Yes

Welcome to your worst nightmare! Get a pot of coffee brewing, leave the lights turned on, and prepare yourself for a truly unforgettable survival horror experience. The eerie, seemingly deserted lakeside resort town of Silent Hill is back and deadlier than ever in this remarkable sequel to the 1999... Read full review »


Scarily short, horrifically repetitive.

byreddragonflame Apr 15, 2006
18 Helpfuls 19 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Beatifully made. An obviously huge amount of effort had been poured in
Cons Just.... too short, and not enough fun
Recommended it? No

Silent Hill is one of the biggest names in the survival-horror genre, right up next to Resident Evil. Even in the early days of the PS1 it was a well known and respected game. People went mad for it, because it was a change from the overused yet familiar Resident Evil storyline.

When... Read full review »


"A dead man can't laugh."

bydespina83 Oct 14, 2004
8 Helpfuls 9 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Great plot, cinematic, and sound
Cons Annoying puzzles and backtracking
Recommended it? Yes

The Silent Hill series of video games are known for their disturbing atmosphere and ingenius, obscure plots. In fact, I have a feeling that if any of the Silent Hill games were condensed into a paperback, they would do quite well. It's hard to believe that after the days of Pong, Breakout, and... Read full review »


Scariest. Game. Ever.

byspikextreme Jul 29, 2003
5 Helpfuls 6 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros scariest game ever, cool music, character development, level design
Cons wandering the streets of the town, boring combat, blurry textures
Recommended it? Yes

Konami saw what Capcom was doing with "Resident Evil" and the survival-horror genre as a whole and decided to make a horror franchise. Enter Silent Hill. The two series are often compared but, they really have little in common. While Resident Evil focuses on combat, Silent Hill focuses on a creepy... Read full review »


Rip-off not a rip-off

byKlaxon_Oil Mar 26, 2003
5 Helpfuls 6 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros This game still maintains the edge of being a mental thrill ride
Cons Some of the elements seem taken from horror novels
Recommended it? Yes

Last time around my review for Silent Hill was calling it a rip off. Which with all due respects it was a writer (James Mason) knowing how to fire a gun without any prior training. Even the story reeked of taking elements from other stories. Despite, all of that it was really a mixed bag of mental... Read full review »


An impressive, deep, nightmare-esque [flawed] masterpiece!

byjoncocco Jan 26, 2003
8 Helpfuls 9 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Story, atmosphere, music, sound, graphics, and enemy design, (Pyramid Head) awesome...
Cons Dated stiff controls NEED a face-lift. Puzzles on normal-mode are tedious, parts may...
Recommended it? Yes

I'm more in favor of Silent Hill 2 over the classic original because Silent Hill 2, will most likely give the average gamer a good ending. How you play the game will determine your ending. I had not before realized how eerie any horror game could be until I played SH2. This game has raised... Read full review »


Not Silent Hill

bydminfosy Jul 27, 2002
2 Helpfuls 3 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros It is Silent Hill
Cons Not an improvement as sequels go Seems like they rushed to get it out
Recommended it? Yes

This was not a bad game, but it is lacking in several departments. I agree that Silent Hill was a new innovation on a borrowed idea-but it worked. The original game creeped me out. I slept with the bathroom light on every night I played it. The original is no game for children, and Silent Hill 2... Read full review »


SH2 (a video game) will SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU!

byJiggyJay May 19, 2002
13 Helpfuls 14 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros everything except...
Cons ...the camera angles, the controls, and the shortness of SH2.
Recommended it? Yes

Do you think you?re a man (or a woman)? You aren?t until you have played Silent Hill 2. This video game proves again to non-gamers that movies aren?t the only masterpieces in the world. A couple of games have proven better than movies (with Silent Hill adding up to that list of great games like... Read full review »


Hannibal's Version of Hell

bynoctule Apr 22, 2002
3 Helpfuls 4 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Intense ingrigue into the actual world keeps you edgy for hours to come
Cons Camera angles are difficult at times, some areas of voice acting
Recommended it? Yes

If you ever couldn't wake up from a nightmare, and suddenly all these flying boxes with people in it started coming at you with only the intention to harm, you must have been playing SH2.

You take the role of Harry; Harry's wife died only a short while ago, and when he recieves a strange... Read full review »


I have the fear: A TRUE horror game.

bypsychosis Apr 16, 2002
13 Helpfuls 14 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Graphics, creepy atmosphere, great storyline, music.
Cons Movement is a little clumsy at times, puzzles, while great, lower replay value. Short.
Recommended it? Yes

What strikes my fancy a bit more with the Silent Hill series than the better-recognized Resident Evil series is the way the game really gets down to your bones and creeps you out. While zombies chasing you down a ruined city block can certainly give you an adrenaline rush, the RE games are more... Read full review »


Silent Hill 2, our sanctuary of memories...I will be waiting for you there.

bypavona21 Apr 15, 2002
27 Helpfuls 28 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Is This Game Good....?
Cons Yes
Recommended it? Yes

2.5 weeks until RE
If you know me well, want to know to me, don't know me, don't care to know me, or even if you would rather kill yourself than know me, you'd know that I am very excited about RE for GC.(longest sentence ever) So, after finishing RE for PS, I decided that I would shift gears... Read full review »


The Silence is Broken...

bypearl-drum-man Apr 13, 2002
49 Helpfuls 50 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Very creepy, 'nuff said.
Cons Robotic gameplay (think Resident Evil), sometimes long breaks of no action
Recommended it? Yes


1 player
Memory Card (93kb)
Analog Controller
Vibration Function
Pressure Sensitive
Rated Mature for Blood and Gore, Violence


First, the story. James Sunderland?s wife died a tragic death. Three years later he receives a letter... Read full review »


"Most F*cked Up Game Award"

bysteakphish Apr 11, 2002
10 Helpfuls 11 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Scary as all hell, great graphics, neat story, SCARY AS ALL HELL.
Cons Wetting your pants, sweaty palms, control could use some help.
Recommended it? Yes

If you though that the Resident Evil series was scary (wuss), then do yourself a favor and avoid Silent Hill 2. However, if you had no aversion to any previous survival/horror titles, then this game will likely get you one.

Silent Hill 2 shows that a game can be scary without having to... Read full review »


Silent Hill 2: If you are thinking of buying it... DO IT NOW!

byiamlegend Apr 2, 2002
7 Helpfuls 8 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros The sights, the sounds, the story, the characters and the uniquely chilling atmosphere.
Cons Ummm... Not for kids... Is that even a con...?
Recommended it? Yes

After a raft of painful PS2 disappointments which colminated in the pretentious nonsensical barely interactive philosophical mumbo jumbo packed disaster that was Metal Gear Solid 2 (there's a mouthful for you), the console is in serious need of some bank able titles, and rest assured Silent Hill 2,... Read full review »


Silent Hill Horror Revived

bysinistral08 Mar 22, 2002
12 Helpfuls 13 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Great gameplay, excellent music, and everything else.
Cons None.
Recommended it? Yes

I would by lying if I told you that I was a newbie to the Survival Horror genre in general when I first played Silent Hill 2, but I can truthfully say that this game scared the bejeezus out of me in ways that Resident Evil never could. I have been an avid player of Survival Horror games ever since... Read full review »


Theres nothing in the dark that WONT hurt you

byodisturbed Mar 18, 2002
6 Helpfuls 7 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros same great disturbing gameplay, great graphics, just about everything
Cons Sound effects can go from freaky to irritating sometimes, loses its scaryness at times.
Recommended it? Yes

Funny how this game can soak your pants when you play it in the middle of the afternoon, with lights on all around you. I got this game on a sunday, took it home and started. When you first get a glimpse of your first enemy limping quickly down the street away from you, you start to think you... Read full review »


Warning: Not For The Weak-Hearted

bycolombiafinest Mar 3, 2002
15 Helpfuls 16 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros SCARY, SCARY, SCARY! Great lighting effects and sound.
Cons Killing zombies gets boring.
Recommended it? Yes

Silent Hill was probably one of the best games out for Playstation. Konami gave the gaming world a new kind of horror game: One that is actually scary. Konami comes back with it's Playstation 2 attempt at a horror game. It came out pretty good. Konami added better lighting effects and the sound is... Read full review »

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