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You will never need another vacuum

bypcsone Oct 15, 2006
Pros Very well built, very simple yet effective design. No extra parts to break.
Cons A bit pricey at first....but probably the last vacuum you will ever need.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  If you need a vacuum that can take much more abuse that the average homeowner would encounter this will do the job just fine.
I own a new construction final finish company. What this means is that we clean newly constructed homes. We are the first ones in after the contractors leave. If you have ever been to a job site you know that contractors are not the neatest people. Plumbers, electricians, painters and the bunch basically just throw what they don't need on the floor. This means the carpet is covered with small nails, screws, compression fitting nuts, wood name's there. Far more than the average home owner will encounter in a lifetime. Oh...and don't forget all the dirt that gets tracked into a home under construction (contractors also don't like to take their shoes off).

We work for over 30 builders, many of them building luxury homes over 5000 square feet. Every day we vacuum more carpet than the average home owner will in a month. After many attempts of thinking I could get a good commercial vacuum for under $200 I realized you can't. I tried not to spend a lot because I know how my employees abuse the equipment and I figured I would have to buy new vacuums every year. Well, it turned out to be much more than once a year. We went through a Sharp commercial vac in about 3 months, then another Sharp in about the same time, Then a Hoover...and the list goes on. These mostly plastic vacuums with plastic brushes and very complicated systems to get the dirt to the bag break and clog too often.

At wits end I decided no more gimmicky cleaners with fancy attachments, no more sleek looking plastic vacuums with a lot of parts. I wanted a vacuum that was basically a huge motor on wheels with a bag and a straight shot to the bag without all the tubes that get clogged.

I found the Royal line. They are built to last and the design is so simple it's pure genius. For a small house or the average consumer it might be over kill. But for someone that needs a vacuum that can pick up anything, suck deep down into the carpet, and can run for a very long time without changing the bag...this is what you want. I own 3 now and I couldn't be more happy.

ADDITION: This is going to be long...But someone asked me to be more specific on how this vacuum differs from others..So here it goes:

The first noticeable difference is in the construction. This vacuum is mostly made of metal. My other vacuums that had plastic usually broke. The first thing to break was usually the thing that keeps the handle locked in upright position. Also the tabs that would lock the bag cover in place would break.

The second big difference is the way the dirt travels to the bag. This vacuum has one very large tube about 31/2 inches in diameter with only one 90 degree bend. It has never clogged. Compared to my sharp it has a tube under the vacuum about and inch in diameter with 2 bends. That tube then connects to a flexible tube about 3 feet long that has 2 very large bends. This tube clogged often and was hard to unclog.

Another difference is belt placement. The Royal belt in the center. the beater bar is against the wall on both sides. The Sharps belt is on one side. This means that when vacuuming one side of the beater bar will never be closer than 2 inches to the wall. The royal belt is also about 50 percent wider than the sharp belt and has what looks like tread on it for better traction.

The bag on the Royal is also about 3 times larger than my Sharp, and can be filled close to the top. My sharp with a cloth shake out bag had to be emptied about half was full or it wouldn't work as well.

The Royal came with no attachments, but for what I use it for I didn't need any. If you want them they can be purchased.

Hope this helps

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