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great for cooking!

Pros cuts food prep time in half
Cons you won't want to stop cooking
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  one of the best products you could have in your kitchen. you won't regret buying one!

As a college student, I am always rushing to a class or to study and have very little time to cook. When I get a chance to though, I grad my salad shooter for just about everything I prepare. My favorite thing to make is zucchini casserole. It used to take me a half hour just to shred the cheese and zucchini's now that I have my salad shooter it is shredded in seconds and makes for a quick, and tasty meal. Some other reasons why I like the salad shooter are as follows:

Makes cooking easy

When you want a quick and easy meal, grab your salad shooter! This machine not only gets you a great meal, but it looks nice too. For example, if you want to make fresh hash browns, the best way to make them is by putting a potato in the shredder, and it will shred the potato right onto the skillet for some great tasting hash browns.
Another thing I like to use the salad shooter for is to grate my cheese. Instead of taking forever grating on a standard cheese grate (which isn't the safest), put the block of cheese in the salad shooter and in seconds you will have an amazing amount of cheese. This saves you time, energy, and your hands from getting cut up. Other things you can make with the Salad Shooter: Salads, Apples for apple pie or any other dessert, pizza toppings, casseroles, toppings for just about anything! 

Quick set up and clean

The Salad Shooter has only a few parts to it. It goes together and comes apart easily. When you are ready to wash it, you can put it right into the dishwasher. These parts are dishwasher safe, and small enough that they won't take up too much space. When storing it, it will fit into almost any space, small or large.

Makes a variety of foods with different slicer's and shredders

The shredders come in a variety of sizes for any kind of food. Super shreds, Fine shreds, medium slices, and a ripple slicer for fancy food such as carrots. This also comes with a funnel spout so the food won't shred all over the place and will go right into the bowl. This makes for easy preparation on the food.

I recommend this product for anyone who cooks, whether they like to or not. It's an easy process and cuts cook preparation in half.  It has saved me so much!

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