Presto FryDaddy 05420 Deep Fryer
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Presto FryDaddy 05420 Deep Fryer

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  • Adjustable Thermostat: Without Adjustable Thermostat
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Great little fryer for students, singles or couples

byamdcomputer Jan 6, 2012
19 Helpfuls 20 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Easy to use and store<br>Cooks faster<br>Cooks more evenly<br>Food...
Cons Hot sides <br>No splatter screen <br>Countertop gets too...
Recommended it? Yes

One day while surfing the net I stumbled across the Fry Baby - 2 cup miniature deep fryer.  Seeing as I hate the hassle that goes with home frying, I was intrigued.  The prospect of frying quickly and with such little oil was very appealing.   Sadly, upon searching the internet,... Read full review »


Presto Frydaddy Electric Deep Fryer....for When You Don't Want a Ton of Oil

byhvarmit Dec 13, 2010
29 Helpfuls 30 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros great for fries & onion rings, lid for oil storage, handle for easy transport
Cons no temp control, no power switch or heat indicator
Recommended it? Yes

I've had an electric Presto FryDaddy Deep Fryer for several years now, having bought it specifically for foods such as french fries, onion rings, cream cheese-stuffed jalapenos, and fried pickles.

They're really inexpensive, as far as kitchen tools go, costing around $30. They can be... Read full review »


Big Daddy - Presto Fry Daddy Deep Fryer

bybmcnichol Aug 12, 2010
31 Helpfuls 32 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros small deep fryer, easy to use, easy to clean
Cons no temperature control, no timer, no lid to cover when cooking
Recommended it? Yes

I was given a Presto Fry Daddy Deep Fryer when I moved out of my parent’s house and headed to college about fifteen years ago. I have used it for many years until about two years ago when I purchased a larger deep fryer. I always liked my Fry Daddy and used it at least once a week. In... Read full review »


Even I can fry good food with this fryer.

bysassey1111 Mar 27, 2010
Helpful? 1 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Good Value, Simple Assembly, Quality Construction
Cons none
Recommended it? Yes

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the greatest cook and frying foods is definitely one of the areas I struggle in.  With the Presto 05420 FryDaddy Deep Fryer I've had much more success!  We don't eat alot of fried foods but sometimes it's nice to have some homemade fries or onion... Read full review »


a good fryer

byalyssa4726 Oct 2, 2009
Helpful? 1 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros heats fast, small easy storage
Cons plastic lid cover and no timer
Recommended it? Yes

here's my list :

the fryer get extremely hot which i like alot
it fries the food very good but you have to now how long to fry certain things like chicken and dumplings that stay moist in the middle
i really dont like the plastic cover because it will melt if you put it on the... Read full review »


Stopped Working

bye555555 Apr 29, 2008
7 Helpfuls 8 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Does not work
Cons Does not work
Recommended it? No

We bought a FryDaddy and only used it 3 times .. it worked great until last night when it didn't work at all. It was working and then just stopped. Don't know why but we are very unhappy with an appliance that only works 3 times then is of no use at all since it won't heat. Read full review »


The Presto FryDaddy Deep Fryer is About as Fast and Convenient as You Get

byJavelina Feb 13, 2008
35 Helpfuls 36 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Small, compact, no controls, small amount of oil, breakaway cord, cheap, lid
Cons No controls, no indicator that oil is heated
Recommended it? Yes

Several years ago, we purchased a Waring DF200 Professional Deep Fryer. It is a large unit that holds an entire gallon of oil! However, there came times when we wanted to deep fry either small amounts of food, or food that would in essence "ruin" the oil, for example, deep fried Oreos (not... Read full review »


Great food,lots of mess!

bywonder1981 Jan 6, 2008
8 Helpfuls 9 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Good food, very simple to use
Cons Messy, minor burns
Recommended it? Yes

I purchased the Presto FryDaddy Deep fryer last year. I had wanted a deep fryer for years and just hadn't purchased one due to worries about safety issues.
So, I did some reading online about different models and decided to give this one a whirl.
I absolutely love the food it produces... Read full review »


Presto Fry Daddy - perfect food every time

byCyndiA Jun 15, 2005
90 Helpfuls 91 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Everything I cook is fabulous in the Fry Daddy.
Cons Not cute. Not that safe. Messy. But worth it.
Recommended it? Yes

After fifteen years of heavy duty use, I may be retiring my Fry Daddy. Then again, I may not. Old faithful is still sitting on the cabinet, and unless I really love my new fryer, I may continue using an appliance that has given service way above the call of duty.

Years prior, the only... Read full review »



bykivitalo May 15, 2005
7 Helpfuls 8 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Nice basic cooker - great size for two people.
Cons Non-stick interior doesn't stand up - flakes off in your food.
Recommended it? No

This was such a nice basic deep fat fryer for our needs, but after using it less than 15 times, the non-stick interior started appearing on our food in little flecks. Too bad, as we loved this little cooker. We are tossing it and looking for all stainless steel. Read full review »


Presto! Crispy Food Prepared in Half the Time

byBryan_Carey Mar 2, 2005
111 Helpfuls 112 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Cooks food faster; Food tastes better; Easy to use and clean
Cons Burn hazard; Adds fat and calories to food
Recommended it? Yes

Baked foods are great for those who want to cut back on fat and calorie intake. With the absence of oil, the oven provides a safe haven for those who wish to eat food in its most unadulterated state, free from the bogeymen known as calories and fat that frying and other forms of food preparation... Read full review »


Bad improvement - no good

byregh Feb 13, 2005
6 Helpfuls 7 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Does as advertised, if plugged-in.
Cons Hard to keep clean - unreliable connector.
Recommended it? No

If you've read the other reviews on the Frydaddy in it's various forms, you should have a good idea of how it works.

I'm offering this review at my wife's insistence, it's all about the dadgum "improved" power connecter. The unit we have is model 05424, and we advise against it.

... Read full review »


Fried foods good? Good for you? Dunno.......

by4paws Apr 1, 2004
56 Helpfuls 57 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Good for frying small amounts of food in controlled way.
Cons Fried foods are not healthy.
Recommended it? Yes

One year I said, it would be nice to have a "FryDaddy" and *poof*, one appeared under my Christmas tree. Be careful what you wish for.

I have been trying for 10 years to keep my cholesterol down and in one brief slip of the tongue I doomed myself to the temptation of frozen foods again... Read full review »


Grease exploded/burns

bylillzy Dec 26, 2003
7 Helpfuls 8 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros low price
Cons extremely dangerous oil splatter, no temperature control, messy to clean up
Recommended it? No

I used the Fry Daddy for the 2nd and last time on 12/15/2003. I was frying chicken legs 3 at a time with 2 left to finish frying when the oil exploded out of the fryer into my face and on my arm and hand causing 1st and 2nd degree burns per the emergency room. All the oil except what was contained... Read full review »


Minimal expense, major headache

byinformednow Sep 16, 2003
12 Helpfuls 13 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Cheap, small, minimalist fryer
Cons Tendency to overload bowl, soggy food, splatter burns and mess, cannot soak in water
Recommended it? No

I bought a Fry Daddy because it was cheap, and I did not think I would deep fry often enough to justify spending more money on a fryer with more features. I also lack counter space, and the Fry Daddy was the perfect size. The one I had did not have a nonstick bowl and cost around $25. It came with... Read full review »


Fry Daddy is a Splatter Daddy

bysuperrjackson Sep 3, 2002
11 Helpfuls 12 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Small and somewhat portable
Cons no heat controller, no lid while cooking and it splatters everywhere
Recommended it? No

I purchased the fry daddy at a local target for around under 30 dollars, which I thought at the time was a good price for a decent looking deep fryer. I decided I was going to fry my first batch of fries in this new fryer and the results were terrible! The oil was splattering all over, you could'nt... Read full review »


Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer Makes Deep Frying Easy and Good Tasting

bymountainhigh Mar 13, 2002
55 Helpfuls 56 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Non-stick Interior, Inexpensive, Family Size, Stores Oil with Lid, Slotted Spoon
Cons None
Recommended it? Yes

Before I bought my Presto FryDaddy Deep Fryer Model #05420, I either baked the french fries, onion rings, shrimp, clams, and tater tots or wasted a whole cooking pot of oil to deep fry. Baking these items just didn?t have that taste of deep-frying. Boiling your oil in a cooking pot has the same... Read full review »


Essential equipment at Casa de HawgWyld

byHawgWyld Feb 19, 2002
68 Helpfuls 69 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Fries food fast; easy to store grease for future body-harming meals
Cons Messy; gets hot; health risks
Recommended it? Yes

The Presto FryDaddy sees a lot of use around here. After all, I live in the South where the motto is, "Not sure how to cook it? Fry it! Taste a little bland? Dump Tobasco on it!" I've had such a steady diet of fried food in my 32 years on this earth that I can't help but think health problems are... Read full review »


PRESTO FRYDADDY 5420----When you want something crunchy!

byhhgail Aug 17, 2001
71 Helpfuls 72 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Easy to use, easy to clean.
Cons Plastic lid, no temp. control.
Recommended it? Yes

I've had my PRESTO FRYDADDY 5420 for almost 2 years. In that time it's been used at lest twice a week.

Why did I choose the FRYDADDY 5420? Size of course! Having 3 kids, I have to make lots of french fries on burger night, oodles of fried okra on veggie night, and generally extra servings... Read full review »


You get what you pay for.

byrobbiehaf Jul 24, 2001
7 Helpfuls 8 Helpfuls Was this review helpful?
Pros Easy storage of used oil.
Cons No temperature control...lots more...
Recommended it? No

I didn't want to spend much on an appliance I don't use often. The price was good. It serves its purpose - it fries. I like that I can store used oil inside.

You can't fry much at a time. There's no basket, so removal and draining of food is difficult and time-consuming. There's no... Read full review »

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PRESTO 05420 FryDaddy electric deep fryer

Features This family-sized fryer makes four big servings with just four cups of oil. The proper frying temperature is automatically maintained. Handy scoop stirs, separates, lifts, drains, and serves. There's no messy basket to clean. Nonstick surface, inside and out, for easy cleaning. Snap-on lid lets you store oil to use again and again. Oil Capacity 4 cups Non-stick Pot Yes Color Black Power 1200 W Electrical Requirements 120V / 60Hz

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Presto Fry Daddy .9 Liter Electric Deep Fryer 05420

Presto 05420 The Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer makes four big servings with just 0.9 liters of oil. This family-sized fryer is coated with non-stick material inside and out making it easy to clean. Experience delicious crispy fries, onion rings, and crunchy fried chicken at home with this Presto FryDaddy Deep Fryer! Features: -Family-sized fryer makes four big servings with just 0.9 liters of oil.-The perfect frying temperature is maintained automatically.-Han dy scoop stirs, separates, lifts, and serves.-Non-stick surface, inside and out for easy cleaning.-Snap-on lid allows oil to be stored in the fryer to use again.-1200 watts of heating and cooking power.-1 year limited warranty.-Product Type: Deep fryer.-Finish: Black.-Hardware Finish: Nickel plated screws.-Primary Material: Aluminum -Primary Material Details: ..-Hardware Material: Stainless steel.-Number of Items Included: 2.-Pieces Included: Deep fryer and handy scoop.-Weather Resistant: No -Weather Resistant Details: ..-Water Resistant: No -Water Resistant Details: ..-Rust Resistant: Yes.-Corrosion Resistant: Yes.-Chip Resistant: Yes.-Tarnish Resistant: Yes.-PTFE Free: No.-Stain Resistant: Yes.-Fry Basket Included: No -Number of Fry Baskets: .-Removable Fry Basket: ..-Handles Included: Yes -Non-Slip Handle: No.-Handle Finish: Silver.-Number of Handles: 1.-Heatproof Handles: Yes..-Lid Included: Yes -Locking Lid: No.-Vented Lid: No.-Removable Lid: Yes..-Drain Included: No.-Carbon Filter: No.-Auto Shutoff: No.-Cool-Touch Exterior: No.-Dual Filtration: No.-Removable Parts: Yes.-Non-Stick Surface: Yes.-Programmable: No.-Cord Storage: No.-Ready Light Indicator: No.-Adjustable Temperature: No -Minimum Temperature: .-Maximum Temperature: ..-Timer: No -Maximum Timer Setting: ..-Wattage: 1200.-Voltage: 120.-Food Capacity: 0.88.-Dishwasher Safe: No.-Outdoor Use: No.-Commercial Use: No.-Recycled Content: No -Total Recycled Content (Percentage): .-Post-Consumer Content (Percentage): .- Remanufactured/Re furbished: ..-Eco-Friendly: No.-Product Care: Wipe clean with a dry cloth. Specifications: -CE Certified: No.-Energy Star Compliant: No.-ASTM Compliant: No.-ASME Compliant: No.-BPA Free: No.-cETL Certified: No.-CPSIA Compliant: No.-CSA Certified: No.-cUL Listed: No.-ETL Listed: No.-FDA Approved: No.-ISO 9001 Certified: No.-NEMA Certified: No.-PFOA Free: No.-UL Listed: Yes.Dimensions: -Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 9.7.-Overall Width - Side to Side: 9.-Overall Depth - Front to Back: 8.5.-Cord Length: 28.-Overall Product Weight: 3.5.Assembly: -Assembly Required: No -Tools Needed for Assembly: ..-Installation Required: No -Tools Needed for Installation: ..-Additional Parts Required: No -Parts Needed: ..

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Presto Frydaddy Deep

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Frying your favorite foods has never been so easy with the Presto FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer. A nonstick deep fryer with large capacity, this aluminum deep fryer can prepare four big servings with only four cups of oil.

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