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PRECOR S3.21 - Stylish Exercise Machine

Pros Stylish, Modern, Quality
Cons Cost, Size
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Precor provides consumers with very good equipment.
Set up like, and styled as, a modern looking health club multi-station. The S3.21 is a great exercise machine, fulfilling most the the needs of your average fitness buff. Precor reflects the pride they take in their gear in their lofty prices. The S3.21 is priced at $2,499.


Precor's mission is "To be the standard of excellence in the fitness industry." To stick to that mission Precor provides only high end equipment. They do both home and commercial products. Their lineup includes: Elliptical Trainers, Treadmills, Cycles, Climbers, Stretch Trainers, and Multi-Station Gyms. One of the coolest things, I think, is that they are based in Washington State!


Putting together your new $2,499 toy will take some work. More work that more simple machines like the Bowflex PowerPro or the Weider Crossbow. Plan on taking 3-4 hours to fully put together and test the S3.21. The instructions are fairly comprehensive and simple to follow.


- Multi-Directional Arm Press (13 positions)
- Adjustable Seat and Back
- Optional Leg Press
- Optional Heavy Stack (258 lbs)

Stacks: Single
Stack Weight: 208 lbs
Frame: 2 in x 2 in x .1 in wall
2 in x 3 in x .1 in wall tubing
Frame Finish: Powder-coating
Upholstery: Dove grey molded seats
Cables: 1/8" cable w/ nylon sheath 2,000 lbs tensile strength
Pulleys: Nylon/fibreglass pulleys, ABEC rated ball bearings
Floor Space: 5 ft x 6 ft 6in w/optional leg press
Height: 6 ft 9 in (206 cm)
Top Plate: Cast iron top plate - 8 lbs
Guide Rods: Free-floating 1" diameter chromed steel
Accessories: Straight bar with rotating handle, ankle strap, ab/tri strap, exercise wall chart

The S3.21:

By supporting ergonomics the S3.21 promotes proper lifting form, essential for new lifters, and provides a full range of motion, which ensures full development of the muscles worked and reduces the chance of injury. The weight stack is far too light for nearly anyone. Even the smallest women can leg press 258 lbs (with the optional Heavy Stack). The S3.21 deffinately helps to build muscle there's no doubt about that, it's a great machine. But 258 lbs is not enough, especially for serious lifters. This would probably be the best machine for middle-aged and older couples that merely want to maintain their fitness level or for older couples that want to tone up. For high schoolers and young adults this simple will not meet their lifting needs. The hand grips on the bars are good and there's little to no slip even with the sweatiest hands. Another drawback is the lack of leg room for the leg extension. I'm 6'4" and even extended fully, I cannot achieve the ultimate positioning for leg extensions. The padded seats and bars are comfortable and form fitting. It's a pleasure to work out with the S3.21. The pulley system is constructed well, as you might imagine with a $2,499 piece of equipment. There should be no squeaks or loose pieces, Precor makes their stuff fit properly and the consistency between each piece of equipment is extremely good.

Final Say:

If you can dish out the greenbacks to cover this bad boy, you might want to consider it. However, you can get great pieces of equipment for a similar price, or less, that provide more. That's not to say the S3.21 isn't a great machine because it is. But, the light weigth stack, the small size of it (for tall people), and the fact that the leg press is only optional might deter many. For a lower priced piece of equipment consider the Precor Zuma.

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