Pooze Fart Noise Maker
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Pooze - Rude Noises in a Tub

Pros portable. sounds like real flatulence.
Cons hard to get back in the once it's out...sort of like real flatulence.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  if your goal is to make flatulent noises...this is it
I work at a store that sells magic, costumes and novelty items. When I first started here, I was amazed how many of the novelty items involved flatulence - either imitating the sound or odor. I will comment that after working at such a shop for a while, one grows to recognize the difference between someone genuinely breaking wind and the sound of a machine designed to imitate the sound. On a good day, in fact, I can not only identify that the sound comes from a machine, but which machine.

Pooze is an oozy, semi-solid, neon-colored substance. It comes in small 9.2 ounce tubs -a bit smaller than a playdough container. It's got an odd texture to describe. It's not sticky or slimy but it is slightly tacky. You simply have to experience it to understand.

Open the tub and stick your finger in and Pooze will make the sound of real flatulence. This is no mechanical device sound; this is the kind of sound that causes members of the family to blame it on the dog.

Once you start using Pooze, it's tough to get back into the tub with the lid on.

For those who find flatulence funny, Pooze is a laugh riot. I know of those who won't go on a bus trip without a tub.

Personally, I'm a whoopie cushion person, but I know a lot of folks who swear by this stuff. If your goal is to terrorize your friends with the sound, but not the smell of someone breaking wind; and you need a portable method of generating the sound then Pooze may be for you.

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