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My new "Side-Kick"

Pros small, easy to use, convenient
Cons none I can think of
Recommended it? Yes
I had heard so many good things about Palm Pilots and from all that I had heard, they were "the thing" to have. I knew that they had e-mail capabilities and also acted as an organizer but what I didn't know is that you can actually download articles from files on your computer and read 'n edit them on your Palm Pilot!

I bought my Palm Pilot IIIxe a month ago and have not regretted the decision one little bit. Amazon had the Palm Pilot IIIxe on sale for $269.00 and in my opinion, it is worth every penny of that money and then some. There is a calendar on it that you can enter appointments and things that you don't want to forget and can also set alarms to go off and remind you of the event if you'd like.

What I really like most of all is that there are programs online that you can download for the Palm (many, many programs and some are totally free!) The programs that I like the best for it, are QED and QEX. I found these 2 programs online (can't remember the name of the site but it's easy to do a search and find programs for Palm Pilots). The QED and QEX programs are ones that let you transfer files between your palm pilot and your computer and will convert files for you. This means you can be writing an article on your computer and if you have to go somewhere (maybe having an appointment to go to that you'll have to sit and wait), you can convert the file to allow Palm Pilot to read it and then do a "hot sync" and it will put that file on your Palm Pilot.

When you have the file on your Palm Pilot (that you transferred from your computer), you can edit it right on your Palm Pilot and then when you get home, do another hot sync (which is very easy to do), and it will put the program back on your computer. Run the QEX or QED program (one is for reading files I believe and one is for converting them) but run the correct program and it will convert the file right back to the original computer file format that you were using and you have all of your work that you did on your Palm Pilot ... now, on your computer.

I would recommend that anyone who likes to be organized or hates waiting and has to have something to do - to get a Palm Pilot. It's worth it's weight in gold!

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