Oppo DV-981HD DVD Player
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Oppo DV-981HD DVD Player

  • Features: Progressive Scan
  • Playable Disc Formats: DVD-Audio
  • Type: DVD Player
  • Playable File Formats: XviD DivX WMA JPEG
  • Progressive Scan: With Progressive Scan
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AKA - Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player : The Geek's Little DVD Player

Pros Well thought out bells and whistles and all around well built electronics .
Cons Remote sucks and DVD tray looks flimsy. MUST HAVE DVI OR HDMI HDTV!
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  The Bottom Line is called Oppo by his friends.
Ah Epinions, out to make me nuts again with your incredibly useless search engine and product descriptions I see. Well too late fools! That happened years ago around the time I started reading McTurbot reviews and wearing women's underwear while reviewing porno movies on my iPod. You can hide this DVD player Epinions, you can throw it away, in any dark hole you want to on this messy site of consumerific madness but I will still do my best to stop busy network traffic, yes you, you mindless mass of session states and protocol packets, and yell at the top of my tech lov'in geek filled lungs Soylent Green is PEOPLE! or was that OPPO DIGITAL are the DVD PLAYER MAKE'IN GODS!... whatever.

As you all know, or at least 7923 (at last count) of you all know, I bought a Sony KD-34XBR960 last December. It's basically a massive 34" HDTV tube based TV set of quality DVD loving geekatude. That with my Onkyo HT-S870 Home Theater sound system rocks my world in a style I have become accustomed to. I did feel complete in my electronic consumer practicality and quality mindedness my friends.

But... But... something was missing. Something was just not there for me yet. Maybe it was the itsy-bitsy $40 rebate-special DVD player I was using from some nameless after holiday sales splurge at Best Buy. YA THINK?!

Anyway I decided to wait, to hunt, for my next toy... I mean, my new DVD Player with mucho Google skillz and see what might come out of the chaos of the ever-changing techno weeny landscape that ebbs and flows on this planet we call home. It's still Earth right? I have not checked outside for months since I started this new position at Wells Fargo so if that has changed please drop me a note. I've been bad about keeping current. What does the sky look like now a days?

The Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player *Bought for roughly $200 at Amazon.com*


The tale of a simple DVD player

The Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player only plays DVD's one at a time. It does this job extremely well so I guess the folks at Oppo Digital decided, and rightly so, the need to play five or six DVD's at the same time on some type of carousel might look cool but is not necessary in your typical family household and can be a health hazard to the common electronic consumer who needs to get up off the couch at least once or twice a week.

The tray that slides out of the Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player looks to be made of rather thin cheap plastic so I would recommend not sticking this thing in the dishwasher. Hand washing of this DVD Player and a gentle cloth drying of the tray might be the prudent move here.

The DVD Player plays the following formats DVD Video, DVD Audio, DivX/MPEG4 (DivX 5, DivX 4, DivX 3, and DivX VOD), Audio CD, HDCD, WMA, DVD R/RW, DVD-R/RW, CD-R/RW, Kodak Picture *Whooo* No I have not attempted to find or play all these formats on this DVD Player. I have a life, OK?

Under the hood of this sweet little DVD Player are two chips that are currently the state of the art for the DVD empire, the up scaling Genesis FLI-2310 and a Mediatek MPEG decoder, a combo which is also used in the Toshiba SDV593 DVD/VHS Player which unfortunately is NOT recommended due to player-to-player manufacturing problems. In other words Toshiba builds JUNK.

DVI - The tip top digital video connection along with HDMI... You have seen these before. These are basically the same connections as you would find on the back of your computer monitor. That should also give you a hint about where the world of audio/video is heading. Straight to your desktop computer I say. The link I provide here is for a Monster DVI to HDMI converter cable that I use to plug my Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player into my HDMI Sony KD-34XBR960.

***WARNING*** The video formats I write about below are not the recommended digital video connections for use on the Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player since they do not use the units Genesis FLI-2310 chip.

Component Video - The three red/green/blue RCA jacks. This is the current standard everybody should be using today. The Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player has one of these connections.

S-Video - Yeah, that little black circle plug with the thin wires inside that bend and break off when you try to plug it in because you cannot find the way it is supposed to go in and you are about to lose it and bash something, That one! Good-bye you sucky useless thing! Good-bye and good riddance! Piece of junk! This is so old school and so finicky. The Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player has one of these if you must use it.

Composite Video - That single yellow RCA plug. This was never a good idea to begin with; I mean, come on think about it. A complex analog signal going through what is basically a mono jack? Nah, it's trash. The Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player has one of these.

Now about those strange sexually suggestive numbers often heard when talking about the HDTV picture and DVD Up scaling, here is what the Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player can provide...

480p - (The P is for Progressive Scan) This is the best you can hope for from the current DVD's being produced out there, honest, only 480 progressive scan lines. Got it? That is 480 lines of all video data available on that little silver disk period. Until High Definition DVD's are on the market this is the actual format and the highest quality picture source currently stashed on there, that's all she wrote, end of story.

720p - (The P is for Progressive Scan) this is sort of an in between mode I have never found a use for.

1080i - Here is the step up in HDTV broadcasts and the current state of the art so to speak. 1080 interlaced lines of video data. What the Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player is doing is over scanning the original 480p format of the current DVD's and giving you a fake 1080i High Definition DVD look. I must admit now that I have lived with this techy trick, IT ROCKS! The picture is crystal clear and there is no cropping of any pixels.

This player is so visually accurate and so eye popping it falls squarely into the territory of some $Denon$ type of DVD Player costing a thousand or more dollars. Only $200 dollars to see every friggin green pixel as clear as the day it was pixelated in The Matrix what more do you want?

On the back for Audio you get your typical analog Front, Rear, and Center (or in this case it's called Mixed) Channels. They are RCA style connections. No surprises. The Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player can do 5.1 surround using Dolby Digital Pro-Logic II. Who uses this still? I mean go get a full bore surround sound system like my Onkyo HT-S870 already.

Fiber Optic Audio - Now we are talking! I use the Fiber Optic connection set to RAW and let my Onkyo HT-S870 pump it's Dolby/THX Certified bass thumping heart out.

Digital Coax Audio - Looks like RCA plug, sounds like Digital. Sneaky and definitely OK if that's all you have on your receiver.

Nothing to write home about here. I have not been able to find a back light button. The buttons by the way are clear hard plastic jewel like and small. They look like they should light up. Oh, just go get a good Universal Remote! OK?

Here's the BIG selling point for me. If you want to play ANY DVD from ANY PLACE in the world this player will play it for you. No, your TV does not need to display PAL just good old NTSC. Although this DVD Player can provide a PAL signal if it needed to.

Just pull any DVD's you have in the Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player out of the tray. Now at the start screen Press 9210 on the remote. You should see a screen pop up with Region set to 1, if not press Press Setup and see if the Press 9210 works on that screen. Now simply Press 0 on the remote when you see the screen with the Region 1 at the bottom. It should now read Region 0. Press Setup to accept the change. This means you can play any DVD Region.

At a measly $200 dollars and with all the well thought out bells and whistles and the all around well built electronics put into the Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player, well this cheap little monster simply cannot be beat. As long as you also have the required still expensive HDTV with HDMI or DVI inputs. Sure you cannot run down to Best Buy and poke at one of these babies, but it's up to you. I would much rather rely on Oppo Digital's well written, on-line return policy than to assume Best Buy will provide adequate customer service along with their well known rip-off insurance policies. That's just my take on this type of Internet Only purchase options these days.

Geek Note: Like any GOOD electronics the Oppo Digital - OPDV971H DVD Player also has firmware updates...


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Not Applicable

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(192 KHz Sampling Frequency, 24-Bit High Quality Audio DAC)

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