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My daughter's dream townhouse

bycarelezz Apr 15, 2010
Pros Good Quality, Great Design, Good Value
Cons Overpriced
Recommended it? Yes
Good For: Gifts
Gave this to my daughter these days, she's three 1/2 many years old, and she loved it. It's got a great deal of truly good functions: the elevator, light up fireplace and chandelier, the television pops up having a push of the button, flushing sound in the toilet, doorbell, kitchen area timer, fireplace, and shower. You will find lights about the tub and within the fridge. In addition , it arrives with barbie add-ons for example foods for that the fridge, dishes and silverware for that kitchen area, hangers for that closet, hairbrush, toothbrush, soap, television remote,vase with flowers, along with a laptop computer. It's pricey but comparable to most dollhouses. It's got all of the furnishings you'll need (sofa/bed/a dining table with chairs/coffie table/tub/shower) incorporated. My daughter has only played with it for each day however it appears truly sturdy. I know she may have plenty of enjoyable with it!

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