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Mattel Barbie and Kelly Shoppin' Fun Play set

Pros Cute and fun
Cons none
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  The Mattel Barbie and Kelly Shoppin' Fun Play set is just adorable.
I came to find the Mattel Barbie and Kelly Shoppin' Fun Play set from a seller on Ebay who ended up selling it to me for $25.00 with $5.00 for the shipping charges. I had to get it. My daughter loves both Barbie and Kelly and the ones that really do some thing go over so big with her. I purchased it for her for no special reason other then I liked what I read about it and wanted my daughter to have it.

When the Mattel Barbie and Kelly Shoppin' Fun Play set came in the mail I gave it right to my daughter. She started jumping up and down and was so exited to get the box open. She must have thanked me over 100 times with in the first few minutes, before I even completed opening the box and taking every thing out for her. It certainly went over very big with her. I knew that I had made a great choice in purchasing it for her. I tend to spoil my daughter a bit with dolls and toys. But I always get good deals and can't resist knowing that it will make her smile!

The Shoppin' Fun Barbie & Kelly Play set is from the year 1995. I did not have my daughter then. She is only five years old right now and was born in 2002. So I never saw this Barbie doll play set before. I am glad that I found it. I was doing a search on Barbie trying to find an old one that I used to have called Bath Time Foam Fun Barbie so I could buy it for my daughter. That is how I ended up finding the Mattel Barbie and Kelly Shoppin' Fun Play set.

This play set is meant for children ages five years old and over. It comes with many small parts which can be of a choking hazard to small children under the age of five years old. The warning and age recommendation can be found on the back of the box in the lower left hand corner. It is always important to follow the recommended ages when giving a Barbie to a little girl. Barbie dolls vary in age groups because of the sizes of the accessories that they come with.

The Mattel Barbie and Kelly Shoppin' Fun Play set comes with a Kelly doll. She is a toddler sized Kelly and is half the size of the normal Kelly we see today. She has blond hair, blue eyes and wears a cute little dress. Kelly really bounces up and down in the carriage and she even magically picks up the cereal and the cookies off of the shelf. This is done by magnets in the hand of the Kelly doll and on the boxes and packages them selves.

Kelly not only picks up the items, she can also hold them in her hand with out dropping them. The magnets must be pretty strong for her to hold on to the boxes and packages the way that she does. As Barbie pushes Kelly she does bounce from side to side and up and down. This is due to the fact that when the wheels move the top of the carriage has a peg sticking out that moves at the same time and Kelly is sitting on top of that peg. This is how she is able to move and bounce.

The Kelly doll even can drink her bottle. Pretend of course, but she can hold it and so can Barbie. The Barbie that it comes with has long blond hair and blue eyes. She wears a white top, and red skirt. She has blue shoes and also has a blue carrier that you can put over her to carry Kelly in if you want. She has her very own hair brush which can also be used on Kelly as well.

Barbie can hold on to the cart with both hands. She can only push it with the child holding her. She does not push the cart by her self or walk or any thing like that. But she is a lot of fun just the same. She wears very subtle make up that is painted on her face in light shades of pink and blue. She is a very pretty doll. I have to say I do like the older style I see in this doll compared to those my daughter has from today.

With the Mattel Barbie and Kelly Shoppin' Fun Play set you get not only the Barbie and Kelly dolls. You also get the sturdy card board shelf. The boxes and packges to put on to the shelf, the hair brush, the white and blue shopping cart and more. The Mattel Barbie and Kelly Shoppin' Fun Play set was well worth the $30.00 that I spent for it.

I bought it just over two months ago and my daughter still plays with it every day. My daughter has many Barbie cars too so she pretends to drive them to the market which she set up on the other side of the room. She uses her imagination and I like that. I do highly recommend the Mattel Barbie and Kelly Shoppin' Fun Play set.

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