Magic Chef MCD1311ST 1100 Watts Microwave Oven
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Magic Chef MCD1311ST 1100 Watts Microwave Oven

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  • Convection Cook: Without Convection Cook
  • Capacity: 1.3 cu. ft.
  • Cooking Power: 1100 Watts
  • Power Levels: 10
  • Features: Auto-Defrost Pre-programmed Recipes
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How to Replace the Light Bulb

Pros Oven looks and works GREAT!
Cons Really dumb to use a unique bulb & base and security screws.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Really like the handle on the door. Would buy this unit again. Used a flashlight for a while till fixed the burned out light.
Our bulb burned out early, too. Bought 'security' screwdriver bits at computer store to open the stainless steel cover. There is a white plastic frame piece that holds the bulb and the door interlock switches. At Lowes, bought GE halogen 40 watt decorative bulb and candelabra socket base (servalite cs-10014-5u), both with the small candelabra type base. Unit looks high quality inside and out. Removed the 1-of-a-kind bulb and its glued-on base and threw away. Chose a 1/8" metal tap screw about 1/2" long for attachment of the candelabra base top the oven internal metal frame. Drilled 1/8" hole in metal bracket on the candelabra base (fits the metal tap screw). drilled 7/64" hole in the metal flange of the oven internal frame directly adjacent so that the candelabra base will hold the bulb in the same position as the old bulb. Attached the socket to the oven. screwed the bulb in. Soldered the black and white candelabra base wires directly to the 2 connectors that used to attach to the old base. Covered the exposed connection points with electrical tape. Polarity doesn't matter. Carefully plugged the oven in. It beeped. I opened the door as a test. Bulb worked great. BTW, threw away those security screws and used 4 others I had that fit well. Since they are on the back, who cares if the screws are not exactly right? Reassembled and MAN is it nice to have the light back. The plastic piece, on the right side of the oven as you look into the cavity, just pulls off. Keep it clean and there will be no arcing. Benefit is that if the bulb burns out again, the next one just screws in. These halogens by GE are long-lasting, though.

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Magic Chef MCD1311ST 1.3cf 1000W S-Steel Microwave

1.3 CU-FT Capacity 1100-W Digital Touch 10 power levels - 3 Pre-programmed 1-touch cooking menus: Popcorn, Dinner Plate & Frozen pizza - 5 Auto-cook Menus: Beverage, Soup, Baked Potato & Fresh or Frozen Vegetables - 3 Auto-defrost settings: Meat, Poultry & Fish.

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The 1.3 Cubic-ft, 1100-Watt Microwave with Digital Touch features 3 defrost settings, 10 power levels, kitchen timer, digital touch and a stainless steel construction.

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Magic Chef Mcd1311st 1.3 Cubic-ft, 1,100-watt Stainless Microwave With Digital Touch

1.3 cu-ft capacity 1,100w digital touch 10 power levels 3 preprogrammed 1-touch cooking menus: popcorn, dinner plate & frozen pizza 5 auto-cook menus: beverage, soup, baked potato & fresh & frozen vegetables 3 auto-defrost settings: meat, poultry & fish

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Total Price: $164.24

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