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Best IDE for Website Design

Pros Integrated, built-in references, time saving features
Cons A bit of a learning curve for beginners, but going through tutorials should help.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Try it! Buy it! It will help you make more money than it's worth.
If you're going to design website, there's no other tools that compares to this. The built-in O'Reily references are lifesavers. There are so many time saving tools such as

- the formatting into HTML standard
- browser compatibility checker
- assets panel let's you keep everything organize
- the tree map is pretty neat and lets you check to make sure you don't have any dead ends
- built-in snippets are very helpful
- advance features such as tag inspector, database integration simulation
- the site manager is excellent, allowing you to organize everything into one folder and backing up your site settings
- CSS style panel let's you get a glimpse of all your styles colors, fonts, etc..
- extended table view let's you trouble shoot table errors
- quick toolbar to let you quickly access all your html elements, flash, and media plug-ins
- you can even do a site synchronization to make sure all your files are up to date or if there are any files missing

You can even setup for PHP or ASP environments. I sure I've only touched on maybe 10% of the features. Dreamweaver is the must have investment for any web designer/developers.

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