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Fisher Price Discovery City - "Oh The Possibilities."

Pros Excellent Play Set That Builds Imaginations and Entertains Little Ones
Cons one part could be considered a choking hazard
Recommended it? Yes
The pushing and shoving is well underway while everyone is trying to get Christmas gifts bought, wrapped and under the tree. Maybe you have not even started shopping yet, or you are almost done. Maybe you think you are done but once you read this review you will know there is one more gift you must run out and buy.

What is the Little People Discovery City?

The Fisher Price Little People Discovery City is a play set that is a city (Central Park Stores) with working sounds and even a circular roadway that actually spins with the touch of a button.

Are There Any Little People Characters Included?

There are 4 Little People figures that come with the Discovery City. There is a firefighter named Cheryl, a policeman named Patrick and one little boy named Eddy and a girl named Sonja. In addition to the Little People figures you the Discovery City also comes with a red fire truck, and a white and blue police car.

Additional pieces included

The Discovery City is loaded with different items for children to play with and build their imaginations. The city comes with a slide, swing, teeter totter, pay phones, gas pump, fire hydrant, stop light, two chairs, food tray and an umbrella table for added play. Most of these items are not dangerous to a small child by being a possible choking hazard however the food tray might be considered as a possible culprit you might want to let disappear or never be seen in the first place.
Note: This is not being a bad parent, it is being cautious!

How does the Roadway work?

You maybe wondering if your child will be able to work the Roadway on their own? With a gentle push of the big red button located by the side of the road the road will start moving in a circular motion. Once it begins you will hear the sound of a car horn. While in motion it moves the Little People in their cars around. When the Roadway stops (approximately one minute later) you will hear brakes screeching. If the child wants it to go again, they simply push the button and zooommmm there they go again. There is also a yellow gateway that can block the road. If the gate is pushed across the road when a car comes to it, the gate forces the car off of the main Roadway and off of the track onto the floor.

Can You Tell Me More About The Function Of The City Buildings?

The city is made up of the fire house, store, restaurant, playground and pet shop. There is a road that leads down by the side of the city that veers off to the circular roadway.

The Fire Department
The Fire Department has sound affects that are set off by the fire department door lifting and the fire truck rolling down onto the main highway. Along with the sounds the Roadway (circular) begins turning as well.

The Pet Store
The Pet Store is featured with a turning pet store window that can be changed from 3 birds, 2 cats or 1 dog with the twist of a knob. When your child moves the knob and turns it to the certain animals they make their own sound affects. For example, when turned to the dog you will hear a few brief barks.

The Store
The Store has a cash register that also has sound effects. When you push the buttons you hear a "ching ching." This is located in the center of all the other buildings and there is a flag that is inserted in the top. There is also a clock located on the front that has hands that are mobile. Your child can make it whatever time he wants it to be in his little Discovery City world.

Pay Phones
Beside the cash register is a pay phone where a Little People figure can be placed to call a friend or make an important call. When you place the figure next to the pay phone you will hear the sound effects of dialing and the Little People having a short conversation. With each Little People figure that comes with the Discovery City the conversation is different. There are ridges (patterns) located on the bottom of each Little People figure that set off a different conversation when they are placed on the platform available. The conversation matches up with the Little People figure you are using at that time.

There is an additional pay phone located in the playground area just above the circular Roadway. It also performs the very same as the one located by the cash register.

There is an elevator to allow the Little People figures to be manually lifted by your little one to the roof of the restaurant. On the roof your child can place the umbrella table and chairs to play restaurant with the Little People.

There is a swing attached beside the elevator. It is attached by snapping into place underneath the patio where you would place the umbrella table and chairs. It swings freely by manually pushing it.

Gas Pump
There is a gas pump located on the bottom left hand side just off the side where your child can fill the fire truck and police car with gas for hours of driving.

The Playground
The Playground consists of a teeter totter that the Little People figures can sit in and play. The teeter totter moves up and down while the Roadway is moving. You can also turn it off with a red switch available. The switch is located beside the teeter totter and you can start it with this switch or prevent it from starting with the Roadway by sliding it in the opposite direction.

It also Sings!

In the center of the Roadway there are yellow platforms for the Little People figures to stand. One is specifically for the crossing guard and when you push down on him he speaks "hello." When either of the other two yellow platforms are activated with a Little People figure being pressed down in them, you activate the Little People Song. The Little People Song is only one verse long and it does not repeat unless your child pushes down on the Little People figure in the designated spots. Of course your child will want to play it often at first, but then when the new wears off it will become occasional. Thankfully this is the case or you would go around singing to yourself:

Little People - Making Lots of Plans
Little People - With Helping Hands
Little People - Like To Work and Play
Little People - Making Friends Every Day

It is such a cute little song but it could become etched in your brain if you heard it too many times. Can you imagine sitting at work on the computer singing the Little People song? Everyone around you would really wonder about you then.


There is adult assembly required and it will take some time to get this cute little play set completely assembled and ready for play. First, there are batteries required that are not included. You will need three "C" batteries and a Phillips screwdriver to install the batteries.

The two main pieces, the city buildings and the roadway just snap together but it will take a good amount of force. This is a good feature though since your children will not continuously bringing the parts to you for you to put them back together. The other parts are snapped on rather easily. You will find the major time consumption factor is placing the sticker labels in the correct areas. Even though this is simple, it does take time. Within approximately 45 to 50 minutes my husband had the Discovery City completely put together and stickers in place.

Age Requirement

Fisher Price suggest this toy for children that are 18 months and older. In my opinion this is a fair recommendation. My son, Dakota received the Discovery City as a gift from his brothers and I on his second birthday and he has also enjoyed it a great deal. He is constantly dragging it out of the bedroom into the living room to sit on the floor in here and play with it. It is a bit heavy, but he manages to pull it along anyway. Dusty will turn 4 years old this Sunday and he is also intrigued by this toy.


*Taking a deep breath* - I must admit I boys have put the Discovery City through ummm humm and back! The fact of the matter though, even though it has been stepped on and abused it is not destroyed yet. Fisher Price tends to be like Energizer in the retrospect that it keeps going and going and going.


There is a section located behind the slide where you can place all the smart parts like the table, chairs, umbrella, etc. It is hidden by the slide and when you slide it over, you can put these pieces inside. There is also a carry handle located on the right hand side so that it can be moved from one place to another by an adult or older child easily. However, the smaller child will grab and drag I am sure.

You may find that it will be a difficult task putting the Discovery City away. Once the city buildings and roadway are connected it is a rather large play set and will require room for storage. It could be slid under a bed though with ease or it could sit in the corner of a bedroom. Just know this is not one of those toys you can just place inside the closet or fold up and put away.


I purchased the Little People Discovery City at Wal mart back in October and I paid $39.99 for it. In my opinion it has been worth the money since my son still has interest and enjoys playing with it.

The Possibilities with Fisher Price

I cannot recall even one toy I have been truly dissatisfied made by Fisher Price. This is an additional great, long lasting, entertaining, imagination building play set that my boys have enjoyed since day one. I would highly recommend this toy as a birthday gift or Christmas gift for the young child in your family.

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