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Leatherman Micra Tool - Every mom needs this!

Pros Small, handy, has lots of useful tools.
Cons Its not pink!
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  I love it and I thought I would never use it.
I was so mad at my husband last mothers day for giving me this. I asked for flowers, jewelry, or a date night out with no kids. Did I get it? No. I got a Palm Pilot and a Leatherman Micra!

Ok, both very practical gifts that I've come to love but I was just so "mad" at the time. He told me that he'd researched it and lots of women really use them and that it would be helpful and handy. I wanted to prove him wrong, but I humored him and put it in my purse.

What's the Leatherman Micra?

Its a small pocket tool that is like a pocket knife with extra tools on it and its teeny tiny. The Micra is about 2.5 inches long when closed and weighs only 1.75 ounces. Its made of stainless steel and is rather non-descript looking.

On this teeny tiny implement you get the following "tools":

Clip-Point Knife
Nail File / Cleaner
Flat Phillips Screwdriver
Extra Small Screwdriver
Medium Screwdriver
Bottle Opener
Ruler (Inch / Metric)

There's an attachment point for you to put it on your keyring or clip it elsewhere -- mine just lives in my purse.

My experience with the Micra
So, I wanted to just carry this around to say I have it but didn't think I'd use it. Boy, was I wrong. I have used the scissors more times than I can count.

You know those instant savings coupons and coupon circulars for places like Toys 'R Us. Well, they won't let you just hand them the circular at my TRU they demand the coupon be clipped out so they can scan it and put it in their drawer. So after the checkout kid gave me lip I just pulled these little scissors out of my bag and snipped it out all nice for him. Ha! I won :)

Next, my son loves to take his Leapster toy with him while we are out and during travel. Of course, the batteries die at the most inopportune moments so I have to run into a gas station and buy batteries. Ok, but I have batteries and nothing to change them with. Kid freaking out... Mommy to the rescue with my Leatherman Micra tool. The phillips head tool is actually a straight tip with beveled edges but it works just fine on the kids toys that require phillips. In the past when something needed new batteries I would have to wait for my husband to get home. But, now I can just go to my purse and use my micra and get the job done. Happy Kids with a working toy...Happy Husband who has one less task to do when he gets home.. Added bonus.. Mommy was the hero. Yay!

I broke a nail! OMG, I'm such a big baby about that and generally I go to the nail place a few times a month. Well, in the few cases where I've broken a nail at a bad time I've had to use the scissors to trim my nail down comfortably and then there's also a nailfile on it to help smooth the rough edge. I've plucked my eyebrows in a pinch with the tweezers, and removed a sliver from my daughters foot with them also.

My biggest triumph with my Micra - opening countless packages that are sealed, wire wrapped, plastic encased and otherwise packaged so that you will never get it open without a sharp blade, scissors and a screwdriver. The micra delivers all of these things in a very non-intimidating small package that you can just tuck away in your purse, pocket or stick on your keyring.

I love this thing!

Oh, and I can't forget to share that is has a bottle opener on it for when you need a drink at the end of a stressful day!

Every mom could sure use one of these! I'm not "mad" at my husband anymore for getting me this.

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