Lasko 675900 Stanley Heater
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Lasko 675900 Stanley Heater

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  • Type: Utility / Portable
  • Power Source: Electric
  • Heating Element: Ceramic
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looks fierce and industrial, but it's a little pussycat

Pros Good for close-up heating of your body.
Cons If you want to heat garage space, get a propane heater. 
Recommended it? No
The Bottom Line:  If you can find an electric heater (120 volts) that can heat a garage, let me know.  The Stanley is good for small, small jobs.  Don't believe the box. 
Years ago, twenty five or so, they used to sell this little midget space heater (a black box about eight inches by ten).  The thing whined like a jet plane, threw out a small amount of heat, but just couldn't do the job of heating anything larger than a small room.

So when I saw this Stanley electric heater with those big intake ports on the sides and that carpenter pictured on the box, I thought this looks a little inexpensive (44 dollars) and small for "industrial strength,"  but I took a chance.  As far as output, it's about like those twenty-five year old whiners.  It claims you can use it to heat your garage, but you can't.

Here are two good parts:  first, you can aim it.  Second, it will heat you if you're close enough to it.

Garage use?  If you have a workshop in your garage, and the outdoor temp isn't too far below thirty degrees,  you could set it on your work bench and it would warm your top half.

If you put it on the floor, you would warm your legs.

Side by side against the old twenty-five year old black box, maybe a slight improvement, but those old black boxes sell for 10 dollars at CVS.  This one is close to $50.

By the way, Lowe's took it back with no problem, as they said they would.  I traded it in on a propane heater.


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