LG Rumor LX260 - White (Unlocked) Cellular Phone
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LG Rumor LX260 - White (Unlocked) Cellular Phone

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  • Storage Capacity: 16 MB
  • Color: White
  • Network Technology: CDMA2000 1X
  • Camera: 1.3 MP
  • Cellular Band: CDMA2000 1X 1900/800
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Good Basic Slider Phone That Holds Up

bygem1 Aug 13, 2010
Pros Worked great, good sound quality, easy to message.
Cons Terrible internal browser, photos & video are bleh.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  Good basic phone for text message & phone calls. Meant for people who want a full QWERTY phone.
I purchased the Rumor right when it was introduced. I had to pay the full retail price from Sprint in order to acquire it but I was not disappointed by it.

Sound Quality: Great. Using Sprint's network, all calls that were on other Sprint phones sounded crystal-clear. When talking to other cell phones on other networks, I usually didn't have a problem unless it was a bad connection. I had no problem roaming with the phone.

Durability: I probably dropped this phone well over 2 dozen times and it always held up. The hard shell could withstand regular drops and it never damaged the screen.

Slider Keyboard: Best part about this phone. You could feel the keys when pressing down. It was easy to adapt to the layout within a few days.

Bluetooth: Worked. I tried using Jawbones 1 & 2. They sometimes took a little bit of nudging to sync but they did work. I also used a Samsung bluetooth. Sound quality on all of them were quite up to snuff but more due to the headsets than the actual phone. You did need to have your phone in your pocket in order for them to work well.

Media Player: Don't ditch your MP3 player. It has a 2.5mm headphone jack which detered me from using the standard 3.5mm headphones. It was a very basic mp3 player as it would just read all the files on the SD Card. It wouldn't sort them by directory or artist name. The speaker on it is not loud enough to enjoy it.

Pictures & Video: Very basic. The picture quality did look like a cheap camera with bleeding, jagged colors. They are good enough for a pic to get a gist but they aren't good enough for keepsake photos. It is good to send a photo from your phone to another phone but not good enough to post online. The video isn't even good enough to put on YouTube due to the mic which would make everything sound garbbled. One nice features was that you could save everything to your SD card so you could take tons of pix & video.

Browser: Very basic. It is a basic built-in browser but it can barely show graphics. You can install Opera Mini on it which is far superior.

Custom Ringtones: Not quite as easy. Sprint won't let you use mp3's but you can use .3g2 video. The workaround I found was recording videos from Youtube from my phone then save the video file on the phone which I can set to a ringtone.

Text Messaging: What it was built for. It was easy to press the mail button, go to compose then send a message. It was extremely easy to send messages.

For a good, basic slider phone, I was impressed after using it for 2 years. If you want the basics of good phone calls & quick messages then this was it.

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