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The King Kong of snack balls

Pros fun, entertaining 
Cons quite expensive
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  A must have for dog owners,  especially those who are out all day
We have this for mine and my sisters bulldog. Well, really he's hers as he lives with her and she buys his food and pays his rather extortionate vets bills but our Dad bought him for us to share so...I'm the sleeping owner! 

Butch is an amusing character and thinks that he is actually a human. He absolutely adores my sister and so it was clear from the first Monday morning when she went to leave for work that she would have to come up with something better than his toys and treatball to keep him occupied whilst she was out. 

He soon had an array of interactive toys from Kong, Nina Ottoson and all sorts but this Kong is a relatively new addition to his rather vast collection. My sister bought him this and I assume she got it from Pets at Home as she seems to be there once a week! I believe she paid around £20 for this a few months ago. 

The Kong Wobble Ball is a bit bigger than your regular Kong and it is different in the fact that instead of being able to roll the ball around the floor to knock the treats out Butch now has to use a bit more savvy as it wobbles meaning he needs to have better control and force. 

I have only seen these in red but you may be able to get other colours, I can't say that I've really looked. The Kong as always is made from a robust rubber and is about 25cm tall. The Kong is in two parts which screw together. This allows the human to easily put treats or food in there for the dog to get it back out again. The Kong is sturdy and very good quality. 

In order to get the contents out your dog will need to tap and rock the Kong for it to dispense a treat through the small hole on the side. Although the Kong looks quite heavy, the way is balances means that pretty much every dog regardless of size should be able to use this. 

Butch has so many allergies and health complaints my sister just fills this with a small handful of his food. This keeps him occupied for at least half an hour and he enjoys using it. He will usually have it out with the Kong until every last piece of kibble is gone and it is nice for him to have something to do when home alone. 

Butch can break things relatively quickly but this Kong still looks like new. Therefore although the initial cost is quite high you will certainly get your moneys worth. 

The Kong Wobble Ball is a high quality interactive snack ball for dogs. It provides a new twist on the original style treat ball and will provide your dog with hours of fun...after all, if you have to work to put food on the table why shouldn't they?!

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