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Terrible Customer Service and the Camera is not Much Better

Pros Very little picture delay
Cons Problems recording video<br>Problems with Camera and Computer Interface<br>Horrible Customer Service<br>Long time Processing Pictures by Camera
Recommended it? No
The Bottom Line: 

Pass on this camera, I have had 2 that were faulty and the customer service took 5 hours of my life and kept hanging up on me.

We bought this camera in April of 2009, the camera had problems recording video so we exchanged it for a new one in May.  Now, it won't interface with my computer and is being listed as an "Unknown Device," on 3 separate computers.  I tried 3 separate cords, and that didn't work.

I called their customer service.  Which there is none in the Continental US.  It is all based out of the Philippines, they don't speak or understand English that well and I had to repeat myself 2-3 times each time.  When someone is already upset about their product they shouldn't have to repeat themselves 2-3 times to explain what the company should have had right in the first place. 

Every time they transferred me I got hung up on.  I called 5 times and had to repeat my problem to 3 separate people, then every time they either transferred me or I tried to escalate me call I was disconnected or hung up on all 5 times.  This took a total of about 3 HOURS.  Not one of the people I spoke to created a case number for me to reference, even though I asked.  It was like I never existed.

So I went online to try their online chat, that is also based in the Philippines, I spend about 1 and a half hours trying to get them to understand that the problem wasn’t software related, or the cord but they kept on transferring me around.  At the end of the hour and a half, the tech told me to go to another online site and arrange for repair, myself, after going through the process on that site, it popped a message up to contact customer service again.  I contacted them again and I was promptly hung up on again.    Some of the offenders at their Philippines site are (Bjorn V. (11:50:01 AM): Juli-ann K (12:11:25 PM): Mark M. (12:59:57 PM): Ruel R. (9:05:53 AM): and Amy)

Finally I went on the step-by-step repair site and used a problem that wasn’t related to the problem that I had with my camera. “Broken part (button, cover, dial, door, switch, latch, knob, camera screen)” and finally got to a send for repair screen.

I contacted Kodak, the executives to report the problem via their email addressed I found online.  Of course they didn’t respond.

Don’t buy any Kodak products unless you feel they will work perfectly.  This camera was the second one of the same model that failed, when the store could no longer exchange the product I had to deal with Kodak.  For a company that does the most of it’s business in the US and is based in the US, you would think that they could have a customer support center in the US.

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