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Drop and Giggle? More like chase the balls............

Pros battery life is long, durable toy
Cons <p>Over priced</p>
Recommended it? No
The Bottom Line:  Good toy for learning to use hand and eye coordination if your baby uses it for that. It's nothing special, pretty basic toy.

I bought this for my 9 month old in hopes of introducing him to a new toy that would be fun to play with as well as help with developing his hand and eye coordination more.

It is a really cute system shaped like a giraffe with 3 ports for placing the balls into, which is the giraffe's hands and the top of the head. The balls exit out the bottom two holes which are the giraffe's feet. The giraffe comes with three multi colored balls that easily fit in the hands of a baby. Each time the balls exit out the feet 12 different sounds will play. The giraffe takes two AA batteries that are placed in the compartment on the bottom of the giraffe. The compartment lid is secured by a phillips screw to prevent babies from accidentally getting in contact with the batteries. The giraffe stands about 10 inches high and is about 5-6 inches wide. It is multi colored in blue red yellow and green.

My 10 month old currently just loves to crawl after the balls. Once they come out the port if you're not ready for them they'll roll away from the baby and they are forced to chase them or hope you or an older sibling will be nice and grab them for them. My son also likes to gnaw on them and watching him do it he seems pretty content. He has yet to use the toy for it's intended purpose but as with all things he has to learn how to use it the right way. The only time the balls get put into is if myself or my 5 year old son are playing with him and showing him. It is kind of bothersome seeing the balls getting more attention than the giraffe does. My 10 month old played with the box more than he did with the actual giraffe.

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