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Pros Light weight, economical, flexible, good colour, see through
Cons Length can not be increased or decreased, price can be little lower
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line:  finall go ahead and buy it to avoid embarrassing situations.

1. It often happens in my house that I remain completely occupied by a single task of preventing my kids from reaching our fire place, adding more to it my son is much fond of climbing stair cases and he always wants to play with our wall mounted television. I am always little scared, what, if it falls down and injures him? Need not to mention the financial losses. This is more of a big responsibility when some visitors turn up with their kids also. Despite all these precautions there have been some very unpleasant occasions, like one of my friend’s son tried to check how hot the toaster was at breakfast time. I still feel so sorry for that.

2. I am sure none of you are exempted from this tension. To be frank, it is not only kids, sometimes we also accidentally and sometimes absent mindedly inflict injuries to our self. In such instances we realize, at least I did the requirement of having an obstruction to keep some dangerous places and costlier items out of accidental reach of us.

3. Then I have come across this Kidco Hearthgate G70 Fireplace Gate. Since the time I bought it, I have successfully avoided some embarrassing events, thank God. As the name suggests, the Kidco Hearthgate G70 Fireplace Gate can be used effectively for constructing a boundary all around fire places. But over a period of time, I realized the scope and flexibility it has and started using it to construct an obstruction around stair cases also. I am sure you may also come up with some other innovative way of its usage. If it happens, do let us know please.

4. There are some of its features need to be mentioned first. Buying this Kidco Hearthgate G70 Fireplace Gate was actually not a big deal as it was quite cheep and affordable. Second thing I liked most was I could put it in my car to carry it home. It was really light weight and my wife also moves it here and there as and when required. With brown color on, it is going cool with the interiors. This made all of my family happy, except my son. Now a days reaching stair case is like dream coming true for him.

5. In the end, I will try list out all features of Kidco Hearthgate G70 Fireplace Gate I reviewed so far for your quick glance.
         (a) Light weight - Can be lifted easily from place to place by anybody
         (b) Economical - Can be afford by all
         (c) Flexibility - Can be used at fire places, stair cases and any other place if you think innovatively
         (d) Good Look - this will go cool with the interiors.
         (e) See through - parent can see the other side of the gate.

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