Keurig B30 Mini 1 Cups Brewing System - Black
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Keurig B30 Mini 1 Cups Brewing System - Black

  • Operation Source: Electric
  • Type: Brewing System
  • Power: 700 Watts
  • Family Line: Keurg Mini
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Perfect Cup Of Coffee Everytime!

Pros Makes a great tasting cup every time.
Cons Expensive.  K-cups are not the easiest to find.
Recommended it? Yes
The Bottom Line: 

This is a phenomenal coffee maker that will make a perfect cup every time.  Can be used for tea and hot chocolate.  Mess free.

When you are in dire need of a cup of coffee, you want something that is quick, easy and does not make a mess.  In my experience, your typical coffee maker tends to make a mess and it can often be difficult to get the correct amount of grounds especially if you are not making a full pot.  We drink coffee at our home on occasion although it is not an everyday occurrence.  When we do decide to have a cup, it is nice to have a maker that requires no fuss.  One of my coworkers was raving about the Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker and we decided to give it a try.  The claim to fame for the Keurig coffee makers is that they have the ability to make perfection in a cup in less than 3 minutes.  They also advertised that in addition to coffee, hot tea and chocolate can also be made.

Appearance and Basic Information
The Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker weighs approximately 7 pounds when it is empty and has 11" x 10" x 7" dimensions.  When the top lid is open, it will reach nearly 14 inches tall.  The coffee maker is available in red, black, or white.  I have not seen this coffee maker in any other color than black in the store and it may be difficult to find the other color varieties outside of the Internet.  The coffee maker is made out of a heat resistant plastic and has a silver handle on the outside of the coffee receptacle.  A large silver button is located on top of the receptacle which is used to open this compartment.  The controls for the machine are located conveniently on the front while the cord protrudes from the back.  Under the coffee receptacle, there is a slide out drip tray in the case there is some spillage from the actual coffee cup or machine.  The machine has a voltage of 60 hertz and 700 watts of power.  

Each use of the Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker results in one 8-ounce cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  The coffee maker requires "K-cups" that contain premeasured amount of grounds, leaves or mix for a single serving.  Each cup will require a new K-Cup.  These K-Cups are available in various blends and flavors and come from a variety of makers.  A 10-pack variety of K-Cups is included with the maker.  Inside of the actual K-Cup, a specially designed filter holds the grounds inside preventing them from slipping into the coffee or anywhere else.  No scoops required!  An additional accessory is available in which you can add your own grounds make your own K-Cup rather than using the pre-packaged formulas.

Some of the coffee varieties that are available are Kona and roast blends, decaffeinated coffee as well as a large variety of flavors.  There are also many varieties of hot tea available in addition to hot chocolate.  Some of the makers include Green Mountain, Gloria Jean, Timothy's and Van Houtte to name a few.

Start Up
There is nothing that is needed to be done besides plugging in the Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker once it is taken out of the box.  Some coffee makers suggest running a pot with no grounds prior to making coffee but this is not necessary for this machine.

How It Works
The Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker works using a pressurized system to produce the exact amount of coffee at the ideal temperature and water pressure.  The K-Cups have been specially designed for these machines and contain the correct amount of material needed to make a perfect blend. 

Using the Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker is extremely easy to use which is especially nice if that morning is particularly rough.  After choosing a specific K-Cup flavor or blend, press the large silver button on top of the coffee receptacle.  The receptacle will open up allowing the K-Cup to be slipped inside.  There is only one way for the cup to be put into the slot.  Once the K-Cup has been inserted, press down on the large handle located on the outside of the coffee receptacle.  Two needles penetrate the K-Cup providing an opening for the water to travel through the cup.  When the coffee receptacle has been closed, the water container lid located on top of the machine will open.  You can choose to measure out 8-ounces of water to add or just simply fill the container up to the clearly indicated fill line.  Once you close the lid, you are ready to begin brewing after placing a cup under the brewing mechanism.  Don't worry, if you forget to place a mug under the brewer as it will not dispense the liquid without it.

The coffee maker will come on immediately after lowering the water container lid.  The brew button is clearly indicated and is also located on the front.  After pressing the brew button, you will begin to hear the machine quietly start to work.  After approximately 30-45 seconds, the heated water will move through the K-Cup and will brew right into the mug.  If you need to have an immediate drink, the instant that the mug is removed from under the brewing mechanism, it will stop the flow and will only begin again once the cup has been placed back onto the tray.  The Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker has been equipped with sensors that give it this capability.  It takes approximately one minute for the liquid to be completely dispensed from the coffee maker. 

When selecting a mug for your hot beverage, you want to avoid glass as the sensors will not acknowledge that there is a cup there.

This truly is a no mess coffee maker.  Some liquid will find its way into the drip tray.  To clean this, simply pull out the tray and rinse off.  As the K-Cups are fully contained, coffee grounds or tea leaves are not left behind.  If you need to clean the coffee receptacle area, this can be taken out by pressing up from the button and rinsing it out.  The receptacle then snaps right back into place.

After trying a few of the different types, we have found that this machine creates a hot and consistently flavored beverage every time.  There have been some varieties that we have not cared for but this is simply due to preference and not of any fault of the machine.  The coffee that is produced is better than anything I have ever ordered at any coffee house.  I truly appreciate the no mess factor of the machine as leftover coffee grounds is a huge pet peeve for me.  The Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker is also much smaller than your typical coffee machine thereby creating more counter space.

Can't Always Be Perfect
The one item that I do not care for is the actual price you pay for the Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker.  I have never paid $90 for a coffee maker in my life and I never expected that I would.  K-Cups are not found as readily as others and will require some extra effort to obtain.  Office supply stores will often carry one or two varieties as well as some of the larger warehouse stores (Costco for example) but I have yet to see any in the grocery store.  The largest variety of K-Cups that I have seen is on the Internet.  Bed. Bath, and Beyond do carry a large variety of these K-Cups as well.  On average, each K-Cup will cost approximately 50 cents.

If you have a little extra money and want a high quality hot beverage, I highly recommend the Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker.  As mentioned before I never thought I would pay this much for a coffee maker, but I do not have any regrets.

The Keurig B30 Mini Coffee Maker can be found at most retail locations.  Other machines are available that are intended for an employee break room or allow cup size choice although these are more expensive.

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